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Modern Guide to Letterpress Wedding Paper Thursday, December 16, 2010 ~ 3:39 p.m.

If you've begun thinking about your wedding invitations, then you've probably heard of letterpress. The printing process dates back hundreds of years, when it was originally used to produce just about anything on paper. Now, because of the extra time and care the printing press requires, letterpress is generally left for special occasions. The most traditional of letterpress methods requires a metal cast to be made with the invitation design and/or text, which is then imprinted into paper applying the appropriate amount of pressure - the more pressure applied to the paper, the more ink left behind.

Letterpress wedding invitations are usually the most expensive pieces of wedding stationery because of the process required, but are often the most beautiful for that very same reason! When I was searching for my wedding invitations, the letterpress pieces were always the most elegant; they felt premium in a way that no laser printer could ever match. Being the pen and paper junkie that I am, it was SO hard for me to give up my desire for letterpress invitations in order to stay within my budget (a real, quality letterpress invitation package is usually at least $1,000). But in the end, I got a little bit of what I really wanted - Lori from Paper and Thread had bits and pieces of my invitation letterpressed as a more cost-effective compromise.

If your budget allows it, I encourage you to go for letterpress. It's pretty much guaranteed that your invitations will be impressive and gorgeous - no bells, whistles, ribbon, tissue paper or vellum required. Here are some of my favorites...

Bella Figura
Letterpress wedding invitations by Bella Figura
Elum Designs
Letterpress wedding invitations by Elum DesignsLetterpress wedding invitations by Elum Designs
Smock (left) and Papeterie (right)
Letterpress wedding invitations by Smock Letterpress wedding invitations by Papeterie
42 Pressed
Letterpress wedding invitations by 42 Pressed
Pistachio Press
Letterpress wedding invitations by Pistachio Press
Dauphine Press
Letterpress wedding invitations by Dauphine Press

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