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Building Your Wedding Registry Sunday, December 19, 2010 ~ 4:25 p.m.

Wedding registry casual china dishes After spending WAY too much time in Macy's today trying to find a gift for a wedding and finish our Christmas shopping, I thought it would be appropriate to delve a little bit deeper into the topic of wedding registries! I know that when Dale and I sat down to register, it was really overwhelming at first, but definitely fun. I've come across a lot of "rules" or "guidelines" on how to register, but I ignored most of what they said, and we just picked items that we really want and will actually use in the coming years.

Make sure you shop thoroughly (which is fun part, for me) to ensure that you don't leave anything major off of your registry, but don't let yourself get too wrapped up in the excitement as you make your way through the crystal, bed and bath, and garment bags. For instance, Dale and I aren't nearly fancy enough to warrant needing fine china, so instead, we chose to register for a slightly higher quality casual china that we'll actually use on a daily basis. We ended up registering for two sets of the Hotel Collection Dinnerware, Bone China 12-piece sets at Macy's. Don't feel like you have to register for a crystal vase if you don't like crystal, or get a flour sifter if you never step foot in the kitchen. Here's your chance to go shopping for gifts for yourself! Get what you want, not what you should want.

A couple of tips that I did find helpful when registering are:

Plan on registering for about double the amount of items, as the number of people you invite to your wedding.

Register at at least two, no more than three, stores so that your guests have a little bit more of a selection when shopping for you. Also, don't forget your out-of-town guests, and make sure that there are ample store locations in their general area.

Do make sure that you register for items in a variety of price ranges, but I have noticed that guests usually like to purchase one item, rather than multiple smaller pieces. Items in the $40-$65 range seems to be the most popular, and are often snatched up first.

Keep in mind that you sometimes want to register for pieces that you'll be able to use years from now. For instance, Dale and I know that we're going to get a king-sized bed in the next year or two, so we registered for king-sized sheets, rather than the queens we require right now.

Last, but definitely not least, do what you can to avoid any writing cramps, and make sure that you keep up on the "Thank You" cards! It is so easy to get behind, and you'd be surprised at how important they are to your guests. Put time into them - don't just sign your name and rush through them.

Wedding registry: Kate Spade wedding toasting flutes, crystem stemware glasses

Some of my favorite items that we registered for that will/would be put to good use are:

  • >Crystal stemware - wine, water and champagne glasses for special occasions
  • Programmable slow cooker (for comfort food from my childhood - YUM)
  • Wine bottle chiller
  • Corningware bakeware (vertsatile and durable dishes that you'll keep forever and ever, trust me)
  • Year-round down comforter and high thread count sheets (500 or higher)
  • Vegetable steamer (to help maintain the pre-wedding diet)
  • Belgian waffle maker
  • Pretty picture frames to showcase your wedding pictures

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