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How to Manage a Climbing Wedding Budget Wednesday, December 22, 2010 ~ 9:21 p.m.

Wedding budget, wedding costs, cheap weddings, expensive weddings Every time I go to purchase anything for our wedding, I ask myself the same question, "Am I going to totally regret spending the money on this once my wedding is over?" Unfortunately, more than 50% of the time, my answer is "yes," and sometimes I buy it anyway, and sometimes I resist or postpone making the decision. So when I came across this piece by Jean Chatzky in the New York Daily News today titled, "As the price of a wedding shoots through the roof, savvy brides can recoup some of the cost," it caught my eye for obvious reasons.

Chatzky mentions that is now reporting that the average wedding budget is a whopping $28,385. If you had told me that number two years ago, I would have gasped in horror and told you that I had no idea how anyone could spend that much on one day. But now, having gone through the process of planning my own, I now know that it's alarming how easy it is to spend that much on a wedding, and $28K very well could be the average. Weddings are just plain expensive, and it appears as though there's no way around it. If you cut the guest list, then the venue requires a spending minimum. You may get your wedding dress at a sample sale, but watch out! The alterations and pressing will cost you an arm and a leg. You shell out the big bucks for the top wedding photographer, but wait, you want actual prints and a wedding album? That'll be extra, of course!

A very big reason that Dale and I chose to do a destination wedding was because we kept hitting those spending roadblocks when looking for venues here and in Michigan (where he grew up), and we refused to empty our savings that we had worked so hard for without a fight. Now, with a wedding ahead of us in 6 short weeks, I can tell you that it's nearly impossible to not get caught up in the gradeur of it all. Just look at my past blog posts! I find myself stuck between wanting to remain practical, while not wanting any regrets about our wedding. "You only do it once, right?" - My mantra after I've spent way too much on pretty white heels.

Anyway, back to the article. Apparently, we're all getting smarter and realizing that if we all just reused each other's wedding stuff a little more, we'd all be better off! Why now? Long gone are the days of tradition, when the bride's parents handled the bill. I think that nowadays, more and more couples are having to shell out the cash themselves, and combine that with the fact that weddings are increasingly expensive, and voila!

The internet is obviously a very powerful tool in sharing/reselling among brides. The Daily News piece kindly introduced me to the Recycled Bride, which has 1,894 Facebook fans and counting, and is basically a nicer version of Ebay for weddings. I'll definitely be stopping by regularly from now on! The Recycled Bride appears to have everything from "gently used" wedding dresses, to "never been warn" dyable heels...They even have wedding bands and engagement rings available for purchase (which makes me kind of sad, to be honest...), and a "Gifts" section filled with silver picture frames and crystal wine glasses.

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