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Customize Your Bridal Bouquet Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You'd be surprised by just how many ways there are to "dress up" your flowers! Bridal bouquets with feathers, lockets, crystals and even made entirely of vintage buttons are just some of the creative changes that brides are now embracing in place of the otherwise traditional bride's bouquet. Personally, I don't think you need to do or add much to flowers to make them pretty, maybe a little jewel mixed in somewhere, like the sparkling starfish piece by Bouquet Jewels, but I know that I'll keep it pretty clean and simple otherwise.

However, I have always admired a bride who thinks outside of the box, and can see the "charm" in adding a little something extra to a bridal (or even a bridesmaid) bouquet. Many brides customize their bouquets for purely aesthetic reasons, some like the idea of having a long-lasting bouquet that won't ever die and wilt away, while others use the bouquet charm as a way to honor those they've lost. One sweet way is by wrapping a locket around the bouquet, with a picture of someone you love inside.

Whether you want your bouquet to be all sparkle and glam or simple and elegant, adding a wrap around the stems of your bouquet is an easy way to customize your flowers.

Bridal bouquet ideas, crystals, ribbons for stems handle

Photography Sources (starting at top, clockwise)
Kirsten Kuehn Designs
Panache Bride
The Wedding Informer
Advantage Bridal

For the right kind of theme, venue and wedding style, feathers could be fun! But be careful! They can get tacky QUICK.

Bride bouquet with feathers, customized unique bouquets

Photography Sources (starting at top, clockwise)
Showcase Bridal
The Knot
Posies and Pippa
Aileen Tran

...And as promised, buttons, jewels and other alternatives to the traditional bridal bouquet.

Floral bouquet alternatives, buttons, vintage, crystals, jewels

Photography Sources (starting on left, clockwise)
Letters 4 Lilly Bespoke Bridal
Letters 4 Lilly Bespoke Bridal
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The Knot

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1 Comment

Pippa (New Zealand)

Feb 19, 2011 12:00 AM

Thank you for featuring one of my bouquets