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Wedding Albums and Custom Photo Books Monday, January 31, 2011 ~ 9:18 p.m.

Since Dale and I are having a destination wedding, one of the most important elements of our wedding was the photography. We had the beautiful backdrop, and we wanted to make sure that our photographer knew the area, and knew what he/she was doing so we'd be happy with the images after everything was all said and done. Once we finally decided on a photographer within our budget, it came as a HUGE shock to me that a photo album or photo book of some kind wasn't included in our package! I always thought it was a given that you'd get a certain amount of prints, and a photo album to keep forever and ever. But not anymore, apparently. The book was available to us - for a hefty $700/$800 price tag! I get that it probably takes some extra work to design the book layout, retouch the photos, etc. But $700? Really? Needless to say, I thought it was a bit excessive, and opted to forgo the album, and just get one made myself later on after the wedding.

I don't have my wedding photos just yet, but I figured it could be a good time to look around and see where I could purchase a photo book for a more reasonable price. Here is my list of potentials:

Custom made wedding photo book, wedding album Custom made wedding photo book, wedding stationary

One of my top picks is Relander Designs on Etsy. Granted, these photo books are the most expensive options on my list, ranging in price from $130 for a custom soft cover album, to $550 for a customized two tone leather, 12 x 12 inch hardcover photo book. However, if you're looking for a high quality album like the one your parents still have around to show off from time to time, this is a good bet!

Wedding Paper Divas has a ton of great wedding paper products that can be customized online, for a really reasonable price. A printed, hard cover 12 x 12 photo book starts at about $60 for twenty pages, and an additional $0.99 for each additional page, up to 60 pages. Other album cover designs and sizes are also available for a smaller fee.

A custom 8x12 Flush Mount Album by Nostalgic Imprints on Etsy. Flush mount albums are priced between $200 and $350.

This one should come as no surprise. You may choose to go with a popular photo website, and opt for Shutterfly Wedding Photo Books for your wedding album. Simply upload the pictures you'd like to include, choose a layout and cover style (hard photo cover, padded photo cover, fabric or leather and click, "Checkout!" Albums are generally priced between $55 and $75 each.

unique, personalized custom made wedding photo book, wedding album Custom made wedding photo book, wedding album, wedding stationery

If you're looking for something truly unique, I thought these books by Pretty Bird Studio were truly one-of-a-kind. Most of the items featured in the Etsy shop are priced at about $135 - $150 each.

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