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Colorful Jewelry for the Big Day Saturday, January 8, 2011 ~ 4:25 p.m.

I came across this Etsy jewelry shop, Nest Pretty Things by Tamar Schechner this morning, and everything featured was just so pretty and colorful, that I ended up getting completely distracted and spent a good amount of time just daydreaming while clicking through the pieces. And because it is a Saturday after all, I thought it might be fun to indulge a little!

When you take a look at Nest Pretty Things, you'll realize right off the bat that the designer, Tamar, is a great stylist in more ways than one. The photos featured on her online shop and on her blog appear to be works of art themselves! So bright and cheerful! The Etsy shop offers roughly 100 pieces of jewelry at the moment - earrings, bracelets, necklaces and hair pins - using vibrantly colored porcelain flowers, cameos and vintage glass beads. Take a look at some of the jewelry featured below, and you'll have to agree that they are not for wallflowers!

Jewelry for bride and wedding party on Etsy by Nest Pretty Things

Should you be looking for something to wear on your wedding day that is one-of-a-kind...meaning that it doesn't just have ivory pearls or CZs all over it, Nest Pretty Things is definitely worth taking a look at. Most of the items, like this Degas Necklace in Black and Blush, are statement pieces that don't require much fuss and do most of the styling work for you. You don't really need any other accessories, and the bold pieces often look best when worn with more muted, classic ensembles like your favorite little black (or white) dress, or just a blouse, some skinny jeans and ballet flats.The eye-catching jewelry would also work well with most bridesmaids dresses, which as we all know, usually come in one solid color, without much additional detail.

What I love most about shops like this one is that it makes you think creatively! You may be dying to try out one or two of the latest trends on your big day, such as bright red lips or sky-high, high heels, but slip on a fabulous necklace or bracelet instead, and you'll save yourself the extra time and effort, AND eliminate the risk of becoming a fashion emergency in the wedding photos 25 years from now.

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