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Picks on Paper - Guest Place Cards Wednesday, October 19, 2011 ~ 11:36 a.m.

Not to be confused with escort cards, place cards or name cards are designed to direct your guests to their seats at your wedding reception. Place cards are typically set above, beside or on top of each individual place setting, and include the guest's first and last name (ie. Mr. Mark Jones) or just the guest's last name (ie. Mr. Jones). Escort cards can typically be found lined up together on a table, or arranged into some sort of cute display, and direct guests to their designated table at the reception. Weddings with larger guests counts are most likely going to use both escort cards and place cards; however, you may also opt to go with escort cards only, and allow your guests to choose their own seats at whichever table you designate. Some smaller weddings may do the exact opposite, and skip the escort cards and use only place cards. At my wedding, I only had one long table for all 25 of my guests, so I obviously didn't need escort cards for my guests to know what table they were sitting at! I did, however, use place cards to instruct guests where to sit at the table. Of course, neither place cards nor escort cards are technically required, should you want your guests to choose their own table and their own seat at your reception! Although, personally, I wouldn't really recommend this, simply because I think that it can put unnecessary pressure on your guests (like it's the high school cafeteria all over again!).

I'm sure you've figured out that today's Picks on Paper is all about place cards! I scoured the internet looking for as many ideas as I possibly could, and my picks naturally divided into five categories: Paper and Tags, Wine and Cocktails, Fruit and Veggies, Heart Shaped and Fresh From Nature. Being the wine lover myself, I'm partial to the Wine and Cocktail category...which one is your favorite???

Picks on Paper - Guest Place Cards

Wedding Placecards and Namecards Wedding Place cards and Name cards Wedding Placecards and Namecards Wedding Place cards and Name cards Polaroid photo place cards Wine cork place cards Navy blue placecards Paper name cards on backs of chairs Navy blue paper place card Mason jar place card Wine cork placecard Bicycle tag place card Pears Pumpkins Cocktail place cards Artichoke place cards Cocktail place cards Cocktails with chalkboard place cards Cocktails Apricot placecard Lime namecard Yellow heart paper place cards Yellow heart placecard Stitched hearts place cards Kraft paper heart place card Paper heart placecard Potted place cards Herb place cards Stones and feathers Potted succulent place card Wooden place cards Cactus plant place card Rosemary place card Wood placecard Green pomander place card

Picks on Paper - Guest Place Cards
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Melina (United States)

Oct 19, 2011 7:21 PM

This is such a fun post! So much inspiration, I am with you on the wine and cocktail one! :-)

erin * sparkle & hay (CT)

Oct 19, 2011 7:35 PM

ooooh this is the BEST round up EVER!!!

amanda @ baci (OH)

Oct 20, 2011 6:54 AM

Loving all of these ideas!!!! I think the chalked mason jars are my favorite :o)

Stephanie @ Little Wed Hen (Melbourne, Australia)

Oct 20, 2011 9:06 PM

Great ideas! I love the cactus.