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The Kardashian Wedding and (Serious Lack of) Marriage Wednesday, November 2, 2011 ~ 9:41 a.m.

When Kim Kardashian announced that she was getting married, I didn't really care to spend much time thinking (or blogging) about it. I actually felt stronger about that awfully large (and obnoxious) engagement ring that she was sporting on her finger while the rest of the country had been getting laid off and evicted! I can't claim to be an expert on marriage (I've only been married 9 months, myself), but to me, it seemed very likely that this year, Kim decided that she wanted to get married, and she just needed to slot in a groom. As Miranda of "Sex and the City," put it, Kris was the first guy that Kim dated whose "light was on." Deep down, we all knew that it wasn't the SMARTEST move, but shotgun weddings sometimes work out, right? (Just look at Khloe and Lamar!) Being the romantic wedding blogger that I am, I figured that I'd continue to mind my own business, and cross my fingers for them both.

Once Kim and Kris announced their engagement (on the cover of a magazine, naturally), it didn't take long for the hoopla to begin, and it became clear that all parties involved were going to make this wedding a serious installment of must-see TV. Suddenly, the media was blowing up with speculations of who would design Kim's wedding gowns, where she would have her bridal shower and yes, even what fragrance she would be wearing on the big day. I even heard more than a few people call the affair our version of the royal wedding, which I thought was beyond ridiculous!

With all of the hype surrounding the day, it's really not all that surprising that Kim and Kris announced their plans to divorce once all of that excitement had died down. This was never a marriage, this was a WEDDING! "An alien visiting Earth for the first time during the Royal Wedding last summer might be forgiven for having no idea that there was any commitment attached to the thing. It's all a show, a party you throw to extract attention and gifts from the people around you. 'Marriage,' the crew would write to the mothership, 'is just a state you're in until you can figure out whom to have your next wedding with.'" (Washington Post)

As a grown woman, I know that no one should be looking to Kim Kardashian to help them make their own decisions in life, and while she is what many would call "famous," this doesn't deem her to be anywhere close to perfect. But what bothers me is thinking about all of the little girls that don't know better, and grow up idolizing women like Kim Kardashian. Less than three months ago, we all watched Kim get dressed up in three different Vera Wang wedding gowns, while dripping in diamonds from head to toe in order to go marry the man of her dreams. It was a beautiful, totally glamorous affair that most girls could only dream of. But of course, this is not what makes a marriage. The marriage is the commitment - what many would say is the less fun, not-as-sparkly part. It's the lifelong promise a couple makes to be there for one another through thick and thin, even when they don't have the world at their feet and their names in the ten o'clock news every night. Yet we all know that there were tons of young girls watching Kim walk down the aisle that day, and to them, it was just a really pretty party, where she got to get dressed up in a big white dress, and be a princess for a day. When you think of it that way, we should all be so lucky as to get married more than once!

"The truth is, despite...being followed by paparazzi, having a clothing line, a perfume line, two TV shows AND a sex tape, you [Kim] are really not so different from a lot of young women right now .... Your excitement about the glamour, attention, ability to spend lavishly without judgment and have a celebration tailored exactly to your tastes completely overshadowed the fact that you were actually embarking on the start of a marriage. Kim, despite being an actual celebrity, you were still blinded by the excitement of starring in a wedding." (Huffington Post)

Of course, Kim is not the first person in the world to overlook the sanctity of marriage for the sake of the pretty diamond ring and the spotlight that comes with it, and she certainly won't be the last - famous or not. But when I see people like Kim Kardashian getting married not once, but TWICE, without making it more than three months, I get frustrated. Really, marriage already has a bad rep! My husband, Dale and I have frequently commented on the serious lack of positive, steady relationships depicted on television. Judging by what's on TV nowadays, if you're married, you're either cheating on or barely speaking to your spouse, or you're newlyweds who just can't get enough and it's only a matter of time until you become miserable in another season or two. Despite Hollywood's shocking and depleting respect of marriage though, you might actually be surprised to learn that marriage (NOT divorce) is at an all-time low, with 52 percent of adults reporting that they were married in 2009, compared to the 57 percent recorded in the year 2000 (Huffington Post). People are actually waiting longer to get married than ever before, which can only be good, in my opinion. Yet Kim and many others like her in Hollywood are easily won over by the glitz and the glamour of the wedding itself, and the actual marriage is never even taken seriously. Kim was married for less than three months! I would think that her and her husband would have put all of that money they have toward some marriage counseling for at least that long before calling it quits!

All of it just makes me want to scream from the rooftops, "The wedding is just ONE DAY, people, but a marriage IS forever!" PLEASE know the difference. Marriage lasts long past the wedding, and it hardly ever involves that fancy china and ball gown that you'll end up tucking away in your closet.

Kim Kardashian wedding

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Nina (Texas)

Nov 2, 2011 10:15 AM

Oh Sarah, how I love you more for the Sex and the City episode quote. Is it bad that I can picture them in bathroom? I hope Khloe and Lamar make it! :)

Lindsie (Spokane, Wash)

Nov 2, 2011 11:47 AM

Amen. To this whole post. AMEN.

Beatrice (So Calif)

Nov 2, 2011 12:53 PM

Sarah, what more is there left to day after you so eloquently summed it up? Except, Bravo!