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Wedding Toasting Flutes and Proper Care Sunday, February 20, 2011 ~ 2:12 p.m.

An integral part of a longstanding wedding tradition, toasting flutes typically refer to champagne glasses that are either registered for, or purchased by the bride and groom for their wedding day. The flutes are most often made of glass, crystal and/or silver, although silver tends to be less common nowadays because it requires extra care. Additionally, toasting flutes are often decorated in some way to signify that they're special or unique to the newly married couple during the wedding reception.

Proper Care

Once the wedding is over, most couples store their toasting flutes in a safe place, and use them only on special occasions, such as wedding anniversaries. If your glasses happen to be crystal, you should always hand wash them with a soft sponge in warm or hot water with a mild soap and a little bit of ammonia (to prevent spots and streaks), and dry them immediately with a linen or lint-free cloth.

Once washed, it's best to store your crystal stemware in a dust-free area away from regular activity, such as a china hutch, or inside a stemware storage container (Crate&Barrel has a good one). Do not store your crystal glasses upside-down, as the rim of the glass is very delicate and may crack under the weight of the glass. If your stemware begins to gather dust, grime or stains, try holding the glasses over a steamer or a pot of boiling water, and then wash them as previously instructed.

If you happen to have silver toasting flutes, or even a decorative silver band on your crystal stemware, do not to put them in a dishwasher. If you use your toasting flutes regularly, simply wash your silver in warm (not hot) water with a gentle, phosphate-free detergent. Tarnishing often occurs with silver that is not used regularly. To remove and prevent future damage, clean the silver gently with a non-abrasive cleanser such as Bon Ami or Soft Scrub (be sure not to clean your silver excessively), and rinse thoroughly. Once clean, wrap each piece of silver individually in acid-free tissue paper or anti-tarnish paper, and seal them in an airtight plastic bag.

Toasting Flutes

These are my toasting flutes, which are Kate Spade New York "Darling Point" Champagne Flutes available at Macy's. I love how modern and elegant they look!

Wedding toasting flutes by Kate Spade

If you're looking for something a bit more personalized, Etsy is a great place to start! Otherwise, here are some of my favorite fine crystal and silver toasting flutes:

Crystal champagne toasting flutes for wedding day by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Home "Halcyon" Flutes at Macy's.

Wedding crystal toasting glasses by Lenox Vera Wang Wedding Crystal Stemware

Lenox Jubilee Pearl Toasting Flutes on The Knot (left) & Vera Wang Love Knots 4-Ounce Toasting Flute Set for Wedgwood at Bed Bath & Beyond (right).

Wedding crystal toasting glasses by Swarovski Waterford silver toasting flutes, wedding goblets

Swarovski Toasting Flutes on Amazon (left) & Waterford Ballet Ribbon Tarnish-Resistant Toasting Flutes on Amazon (right).

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1 Comment

Jeffrey Peltier (Iowa)

Jun 20, 2011 11:49 AM

If your looking for a uniqe set of champange flutes you will find a good veriaty at Goblets and More. I will be adding more choices as my web sight matures.