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Inspiration Board - Against the Grain Friday, May 13, 2011 ~ 9:23 a.m.

I realized while I was naming this blog post, "Against the Grain," that it's sort of the opposite of what today's inspiration board is all about - going "au naturale." No, I don't mean naked! I mean "Getting back to nature," or "...the elements," or whatever other catch phrase you prefer (I'm positive that I can think of more if I gave myself another 20 minutes to think about it). My first instinct is to call this a "trend," but really, fashion and design always seems to celebrate the natural beauty of springtime during this time of year. Like most things in life, it's cyclical. Anyway, I'm totally rambling...

Ever since my wedding, I've been trying my best to avoid online shopping at all costs. Like most brides, I went a little nuts in the last month or two before the wedding...had stuff coming to the house literally every day. My mom told me the other day that she tipped her UPS guy very well last Christmas because of all of the stuff that he was constantly delivering to their house for me last year! I've been good about my spending so far, but then resisting the temptation almost backfires on me when I finally do give in and sneak a peak (for the purposes of this blog post, of course ;) and see EVERYTHING that I've been missing! Wooden platforms and bangles, crocheted dresses, leather and canvas handbags...I love it all! Like I said, a shift toward these earthy materials isn't anything new, but that doesn't mean I can't be totally excited about it!

Light cotton dresses and platform wedges are pretty much perfect attire for a tropical honeymoon. Comfortable and not too fussy. I just realized that I should have put one floppy hat in this board in order to make it complete! Although I know that I featured one in my Mother's Day gift guide just last week. Not only that, but I'm thinking that the whole natural look of unfinished wood, birch trees and burlap will have a permanent place in the wedding world.

Here are some of my favorite weddings that go "against the grain" (incorporate natural materials, I mean):

Here's one in Monterey from just the other day on Style Me Pretty California.

A farm fresh wedding on Green Wedding Shoes.

Go on back to summer camp with Grey Likes.

Head on down to the "Texas Serengeti" with Style Me Pretty.

A rustic plantation wedding with a bit of French flair on Lovely Little Details.

Latest fashion trend toward natural elements and inspiration including wood crochet dress long skirt wedge shoes wooden bangle bead bracelets handbag girl on car long cotton dress girl in long white cotton dress and hat natural wooden centerpiece summer table setting heart stones wooden centerpiece natural cotton bouquet

Going Against the Grain Inspiration Board - Click on specific image to view source

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Victoria (San Diego, CA)

May 13, 2011 1:54 PM

Are you really supposed to tip the UPS guy???? I had no idea! On another note, I love the fern napkin holder.

Sarah {A Paper Proposal} (Los Angeles, CA)

May 13, 2011 4:20 PM

HAHA! I know, right?! I don't think she normally does...but we definitely made him WORK last year, and she felt like she should thank him for it!