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All Kinds of Cute Engagement Shoot Monday, May 2, 2011 ~ 10:18 a.m.

First, if you haven't checked yet, we announced the winner of the giveaway this morning!

Now onto business, as usual...Today's couple couldn't decide on just one venue for their engagement shoot, so they picked several - a laundry mat (my personal favorite), a sprawling field of wheat (which is so gorgeous, you almost wonder if it's a real place), a red telephone booth and the local railroad tracks. With such a great variety of settings to play off of, talented photographer Stephanie Hunter was able to capture what I imagine to be several facets of Lacey and Cody's relationship. They're happy and giggling in the laundry mat, all gooey and romantic in the wheat field, and even just a little bit sexy and playful in the red telephone booth.

It's a super cute e-shoot starring a very good looking couple...What's not to like?!

Cute engagement photo shoot at the laundry mat
Cute engagement session at the laundry mat
Cute engagement shoot in a wheat field and red telephone booth

All Kinds of Cute Engagement Shoot - By Stephanie Hunter Photography

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