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Lettered Decor DIY Project Monday, July 11, 2011 ~ 8:46 a.m.

Ever since I could remember, we haven't had anything hanging on the wall over our bed. We don't have a headboard, either, and understandably, my husband was worried that anything hanging there could fall on us during a earthquake or something. But every time I walked into our bedroom, there it was...this huge bare wall, sitting there and challenging me. That might make me a little crazy, but it drove me nuts, nonetheless.

Finally, I decided to rectify this problem :) My husband was out of town for a week, and I figured that if I spent some time and found a way to ensure that whatever I did hang up was secure, he wouldn't make a fuss about it (I was right! ;) However, I understood his fear, and before I even got started, I decided that whatever I did hang there wouldn't be heavy. No big mirrors, bulky pieces of artwork or shelves. To get started, I explored Pinterest for inspiration, and came across this photo (among many others), and decided that I, too, would utilize my brand new last initial - "K".

In an effort to keep this project as simple and cost effective as possible (out of fear of royally messing it up, really), I grabbed an old piece of artwork that we've had hanging in our bathroom for years to use as the frame/base for my DIY project. After going out to purchase a couple of additional items to create my lettered masterpiece, I came back home and managed to assemble a pretty good looking piece of decor to hang over our bed!

DIY letter decor for wedding and bedroom

I'm pretty proud of myself, given the fact that I'm not all that crafty (I tend to be more of a writer than an artist)! I also hung up two matching white frames one either side of the decor piece...I put a wedding photo in one of them, but I'm still trying to figure out what I want to put in the other frame. Anyway, I decided I would share my cheap and easy do-it-yourself project with you guys...Given the fact that it is a piece using my last initial, I think it would be a great decor piece at a wedding, and something you could hang up in your new home for years afterward!

Lettered Decor DIY Project - What You'll Need...

  • One Frame, roughly 11 x 14 inches (although I think a 16 x 20 would work really well, too!)
  • Lightweight, wooden letter of your own choosing (I purchased my white "K" from Michael's Craft Store)
  • White/colored spray paint
  • Spray adhesive (I used 3M MMM77S Super 77 Adhesive Spray from Target)
  • Adhesive wall mounting strips (I used the Command Picture Hanging Strips, which have a sort of snap-on velcro that feels much more secure than regular wall adhesives)
  • An ironed piece of fabric of your choice (cut so that it's a couple of inches longer and wider than your frame)

Step 1 Alright, now let's get started! First, I removed the piece of artwork from the frame, which was actually printed right on the piece of cardboard that served as the back of the frame (classy, I know =P). This is the board you'll soon cover with fabric. When selecting a fabric, make sure you choose one that isn't too heavy or bulky, since the board needs to fit back inside the original frame, but make sure it isn't too thin either, where it will show through when glued. Mine was actually a new dish towel that I purchased! It was the perfect size, and I loved the print and neutral colors.

Step Two I was actually sort of a bad girl here, because you should always spray paint in a really well ventilated area (I did mine in my doorway, which I covered in brown paper and surrounded with fans). Remove the glass from the frame (you won't need it anymore) and apply a first coat of spray paint to the frame, making sure you get all sides evenly. It's okay if it looks a little blotchy at first, as you'll be adding a second coat to even it out in a little while.

Step Three While the frame is drying, iron out all of the wrinkles in your fabric. Once you're ready, spray your board with the adhesive, and carefully smooth your fabric onto the board. You'll want to do this part quickly so that you can fix any wrinkles before the glue dries completely. Tightly fold the remaining edges of fabric over the sides of your board and tape them to the back of the board. If you're concerned about how the back looks, then forgo the tape - the fabric will stay on fine without it, I think.

Step Four Switch back over to your frame, and apply a second and final coat of spray paint, making sure that the color appears even this time around. Allow to dry for another 15 minutes.

Step Five Almost done! Grab your letter, and place your wall mounting adhesives on its back. To be extra sure it would stay in place, I also sprayed the back of the letter with more adhesive before attaching it to the board, on top of the fabric. Allow the letter to dry flat for at least 20 minutes before moving it. I placed some heavy books on top of the letter to make sure it would dry flat against the board.

Step Six Once you're confident that your letter and frame has dried, it's time to assemble and hang! Put your newly covered board back inside your frame (this was kind of a pain in the butt for me, since the fabric folded over the edges made it a tighter fit), and hang it wherever your heart desires! Voila!

DIY wall and wedding decor using letters

P.S. To make sure that the frame doesn't fall, I used a wall hanging kit like this one (I actually found mine at Target though).

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Allie@HoneyBeeInvites (Atlanta, GA)

Jul 11, 2011 11:30 AM

Love your DIY project post! It turned our absolutely amazing! I love the background print, so perfect with a simple white K on top! Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

Cocroft & Delbridge (PA)

Jul 11, 2011 2:14 PM

I absolutely adore this project and can't wait to make my own! :) Yay...I am so excited!

Alicia@CharityWedding (Arizona)

Jul 14, 2011 2:36 PM

It is adorable! Great job!