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Featured Vendor on Paper - VerdeStudio Thursday, July 28, 2011 ~ 3:26 p.m.

Featured vendor on paper wedding guide

As I'm sure you can guess, I spent a whole lot of time on my wedding invitations. And I wasn't even the one actually designing them! They quickly became one of my favorite parts of the planning process, and I was determined to make them absolutely perfect. While my budget didn't always match what I wanted, I was really happy with how they turned out in the end (not to mention the final price tag attached!). You can see how they turned out here, if you're curious ;)

You'd think that once the invitation design was complete, the hard work would be over, right? Just stamp 'em and go! Well, no, not exactly. Once the invitations were complete and my calligrapher, Feather Letter Vendors on Paper Wedding Professional, had finished addressing the envelopes, it quickly became about all of the little extras for me. How would we seal them? What kind of postage stamps should we use?'d be surprised at how many different options there are for these things! I searched high and low for the right stamps for our wedding invitations. My destination wedding was in Mexico, so I really wanted some vintage Mexican postage stamps. But all of the ones that I did find seemed completely out of nowhere and didn't match with the nautical design of our wedding invitation. It really became this huge inner debate that I ended up losing, because I ultimately gave up and just went with the "LOVE" stamps at the Post Office. That's why when I first came across VerdeStudio Vendors on Paper Wedding Professional, I was instantly hooked.

Custom made vintage postage stamps

To this day, I wish I had known about VerdeStudio when I was working on my own wedding invitations, and for that reason, VerdeStudio is my Featured Vendor on Paper this no other brides miss out like I did! I first discovered VerdeStudio when I featured some wonderfully creative wedding invitations that blended the bride and groom's Mexican American and Jewish heritages earlier this month. The vintage stamps matched the look and feel of the wedding paper pretty much perfectly, and from that moment on, I was in love. Now, most people can find vintage postage stamps if they really look hard and spend enough, but Virginia, the mastermind behind VerdeStudio, specializes in actually creating vintage postage stamp arrangements that will fit with any special theme, style, location, colors or events that you want. Not only would they be perfect for your wedding stationery, but I think it would be SO neat to be able to keep those stamps forever, too. You could frame them for display, maybe use them on your new baby announcements or even pass them along to your kids when they're ready to get married some day! I just love the idea of collecting stamps that are truly yours.

Custom made vintage postage stamps

I am so happy to have VerdeStudio as a member of the Vendors on Paper guide to wedding professionals. Really, it's the reason that I wanted to have a vendor guide on A Paper Proposal to begin with - to introduce unique services and talented professionals like Virginia to brides who may not have found them otherwise. Virginia will work with you one-on-one to create your own unique postage stamps, but you can also check out her shop on Etsy, where you can find many beautiful collections of premade vintage postage stamps in a variety of themes, including "Botanical," "Photography," "Retro Entertainment," "Silver Desert," "Western Sepia," "Wild West," "Ballooning," "Above the Heights," "Performing Arts," "Baseball," "To the Opera," "Wildlife" ... there are so many amazing and colorful possibilities! Learn more about Virginia and Verde Studio, including what smart advice she has for brides, in my Q&A with her just below!

Describe the epitomized VerdeStudio bride.
She wants the wedding to have unique and personal touches that tell the story of how these two wonderful people found each other, and how they plan to join their interests and lives together as man and wife. She loves the quality and beauty of vintage and appreciates giving old things new life.

What advice do you have for the newly engaged bride planning her wedding?
At the beginning, take time to talk through your perfect wedding with your fiance so you start out on the same page. He may not be hands on throughout the planning process, but you should have a unified vision of what the final wedding celebration will look like (and what it will cost!). Then plan ahead as much as possible, but be willing to be flexible. You want that final week leading up to the wedding to be an enjoyable time spent with family and friends, while relishing together in the memories you are making.

Describe one of your favorite projects and why it was such a memorable one for you.
It is so hard to pick just one! Each custom design is so unique since people are so wonderfully unique! If I had to pick just one, it would be a recent design I was able to put together for a couple that included bits of each of their lives, stamps to represent golf and baseball, piano and ballet, architecture and art, and of course, a stamp from the state they were getting married and starting their lives together in.

How did your business concept originally come about?
My mother got me started collecting stamps as a child and I recently pulled out my old collection and started designing sets to post my mail. I love using special stamps for birthday cards! A bride noticed my designs, and asked if I could put together enough vintage postage stamps for her to send out her wedding invitations and the rest is history!

When you're not working, you are usually...
Spending time with my wonderful husband and three kids and managing our little homestead.

Visit VerdeStudioVendors on Paper Wedding Professional on Etsy here.

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