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Featured Vendor on Paper - Potter + Butler Wednesday, July 6, 2011 ~ 3:35 p.m.

Featured vendor on paper wedding guide

Carrie and Emily of Potter + Butler Celebrations Visit their shop on Etsy, you'll immediately notice that there's something inherently playful and whimsical, completely lovely and very peaceful about today's featured Vendor on Paper, Potter + Butler. Even just reading Carrie and Emily's answers to my questions (below) made me feel a little less stressed out and at ease, for some reason! :) As the creative partners of Potter + Butler, the duo is as well spoken and articulate as they are creative and passionate about turning every celebration into one that's merry, stylish and most of all, memorable. In their own words, "When you combine the creative talents of a D.I.Y celebration planning consultant with a graphic designer who are both crafty, entrepreneurial-spirited, a wee bit quirky, and love (or more like, are slightly obsessed with) authentically-merry celebrations, you get the sum of Potter and Butler."

I actually featured Potter + Butler way back in January (when this blog was merely two months old!) when I put together a feature on tissue poms as wedding decor, and I'm so honored to have them as a part of the new wedding vendors guide, Vendor on Paper. They have some super easy, fairly priced and totally adorable handmade options for your wedding decor or any celebration, really, including this fun cake garland and these cute pom notes, which would make great placecards, I think. Carrie and Emily both manage to take something pretty simple (tissue paper), and turn it into something that's beautiful and very, very chic. You can keep up on all of their new goodies (as I do!) via Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter.

As a woman venturing off to begin my own business myself, the women behind Potter + Butler are a real inspiration and testament to what you can accomplish when you set your mind (and heart) to something. I want to thank both Emily and Carrie personally for setting aside time to thoughtfully answer my questions! They each shared some awesome advice for brides just below, and whatever you do, you have to read what their business name, Potter + Butler, was inspired by (so sweet!).

Describe the epitomized Potter + Butler bride.
The Potter + Butler bride is one who values the charm of handmade, has an authentic connection with the significance of the day + understands how that shapes the style of the celebration, and marvels at the merriment in simplicity.

What advice do you have for the newly engaged bride planning her wedding?
Emily: Breath. And within the breathing, check in with what you desire to FEEL (not only during the celebration, but along the planning journey, as well). Allow those authentic feelings to be your guide above all else. For example, you want to feel radiant and love-filled on your wedding day. Fabulous. Does the decor match that desired feeling? Does the guest list support your ability to feel radiant and love-filled? The venue? Bring it back to center often and intentionally.

Carrie: Enjoy this chance to express yourselves. The personal touches make your day memorable to everyone, especially you. Do what feels right and gives you joy. Sometimes less is more, and simplicity is beautiful.

Describe one of your favorite projects and why it was such a memorable one for you.
Emily: There are so many! What is amazing about our job is that every little handmade celebration good we make is done so with the knowledge that it will be used to celebrate something significant in a person's life. A good example of this is an order we received for a collection each of soft pink and baby blue Peppy Toppers that the client was using to decorate cupcakes for a "Baby Gender Announcement Party." I still want to know if the couple is having a boy or a girl! But just to think of loved ones gathered around with anticipation, the parents-to-be feeling the joy as the keepers and messengers of such big news...brings a smile to my face. And this kind of smile on my face happens with each order! Perfectly lovely.

Carrie: One of my favorite projects was planning my son's second birthday celebration. Along with the decor, I designed and created each element - invitations, cupcake toppers, food signs, cake pops, cupcakes. The planning was just as enjoyable as the party itself. Carrying out a theme really excites me. The best part was seeing his delight when he saw the decorations and sweets all coordinating with the theme he had inspired.

How did your business concept originally come about?
It's the purely organic end result of what transpires when two dear friends, one a wedding planner by trade and the other a graphic designer, who are both crafty, entrepreneurial-spirited, a wee bit quirky, and love (or more like, are slightly obsessed with) authentically-merry celebrations gather with the intention to spread creative merriment.

The name, Potter + Butler, is a tribute to our great-grandmothers, Etta Potter and Mirium Butler, who, though they never knew each other, shared an insanely similar set of inspiring characteristics. Potter and Butler were independent, strong, free thinking, hard working, artsy, talented, bird-lovin', caring about the greater good, resourceful, and stylish (in their own right) ladies - who could make anything, and more often than not - did make everything - by hand.

When you're not working, you are usually...
Emily: Hitting the trails with my husband and sweet little schnauzer, hosting casual get-togethers with friends and family, reading magazines outside on our balcony, and road trips to the coast or mountains on the weekends (that begin, of course, with a stop at the doughnut shop) - and photographing it all.

Carrie: Spending precious time with my little boy, taking lots of photos of him, cooking, and baking.

Tissue paper cake decorations, garlands, cupcake toppers and placecards

Visit the Potter + Butler shop on Etsy here.

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Victoria (San Diego, CA)

Jul 6, 2011 9:42 PM

I love their products, the cupcake toppers are adorable!

The Perfect Palette (GA)

Jul 7, 2011 6:49 AM

Thanks for sharing!! We really love their style!!

xo, chrissy from the perfect palette

Alicia@CharityWedding (Arizona)

Jul 7, 2011 4:51 PM

I LOVE Potter and Butler! They make the cutest things!

Layla Mayville {Simply Savannah Events} (United States)

Jul 8, 2011 12:27 PM

I enjoyed this wonderful post and have to gush for Potter and Butler since I love their products!!!