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Minted Wedding Stationery
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Featured Vendor on Paper - Akimbo Thursday, August 4, 2011 ~ 3:36 p.m.

Featured vendor on paper wedding guide

Akimbo stationery as vendor on paper

I always say that a wedding invitation is your guests' first indication of what your wedding will be like. An elegant, black tie affair often means beautifully scripted calligraphy and letterpress, a charming garden wedding can be a pretty floral handkerchief, and a casual destination wedding at the beach can equal softened linen paper with natural details. Notice that I say, "can," because one of the things that I love most about stationery is that there really are no rules!

At the end of the day, regardless of what your wedding day holds, the ultimate goal is to have your guests thinking, "Man, I can't wait to go to that wedding!" after opening your invite. Whether you want something quirky and fun, romantic and elegant, or something that falls somewhere in between, you only get one first impression. So of course, you should do your best to make it a great one, right?!

When I was first introduced to AkimboVendors on Paper Wedding Professional, I was really impressed by its fun personality, authentic voice and the wide variety of stationery available. In the creative stationer, Alicia's own words, "Akimbo is stationery with attitude. It's quirky, it's different and it will make you look sideways." Whether you're looking for a classically elegant baby announcement, a "cute and cosy" recipe card collection or a bold wedding invitation with "big attitude," Akimbo seems to have it all. Although it's crystal clear to me that Alicia seems to thrive on creating unique designs with specific couples in mind, as well!

You can learn more about Alicia by taking a look at her creative blog, Atypical Type A (love that title, by the way), which can give you a good sense of her great taste, skill and knowledge base within the stationery and wedding industries. Some of my personal favorites from her Akimbo wedding collection are the Landromat wedding invitations - a screenprinted invitation printed on a soft white linen fabric that even comes with labels for your bubbles - as well as the quirky beer inspired invites, brilliantly printed on drink coasters! A groom's dream! There really is nothing off limits or too "crazy" for Alicia and Akimbo, as long as it's authentic to the bride and groom and their special day.

Akimbo wedding stationery

Vendor on Paper Feature Q&A with Alicia of Akimbo

Describe the epitomized Akimbo bride.
I've actually imagined the Akimbo's target customer as a specific person, so whenever I'm designing a new product, I stay on track by asking myself, "Would Kim like this?" So, Kim is not one of those girls who has planned a fairytale wedding since she was little, but she still knows what she wants (although she may need help translating her ideas into reality). She's been to a lot of weddings and they're all starting to look the same, so she is looking for alternatives to traditional invitations, and wants to inject her and her fiance's personalities into their wedding as much as possible.

What advice do you have for the newly engaged bride planning her wedding?
The first thing I'd suggest doing would be to sit down with your fiance to discuss your ideas about a great wedding. Once you've worked that out, it will be much easier to select the perfect venue, dress, meal and everything else. Be true to yourself and don't do something just because it's expected at weddings – if you don't want a wedding cake because neither of you like dessert, then do it.

Describe one of your favorite projects and why it was such a memorable one for you.
I never get tired of designing invitations because every project is so different! A recent favourite was a lovely client for whom I produced screenprinted wedding invitations, which I'd been dying to do. She knew what she wanted, but was still open to suggestions. The budget was tight, but with good communication we were able to come up with something that left us both thrilled with the results.

How did your business concept originally come about?
Like the hands-on-hips stance, Akimbo is stationery with attitude. It's quirky, it's different and it will make you look sideways. Because the Akimbo range encompasses an eclectic variety of styles, I designed the identity to be a bit more neutral so as not to compete.

When you're not working, you are usually...
...working some more! I also have a blog, Atypical Type A, where I share ideas for decorating, crafts and parties, so I can usually be found working on some kind of project.

Check out the AkimboVendors on Paper Wedding Professional stationery collection here.

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Jessica@TWB (Philadelphia)

Aug 5, 2011 3:18 AM

These all look like so much fun!