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Our Six Month Wedding Anniversary! Friday, August 5, 2011 ~ 8:24 a.m.

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Today marks 6 months since I married the love of my life on a beach down in Mexico. I can't believe how quickly it has gone by, but then it seems like such a short period of time when I compare it to the many, many years (or forever) that I plan on being married for! We've been together for about seven years now, married for six months, and I feel so lucky to wake up every morning with my very best friend in the world.

Destination wedding photo in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Photo by Erick Rodriguez

Anyway, because I'm not one to make things all about me, I thought I'd add a more informative / helpful component to my anniversary post today by breaking down the wedding anniversaries by gifts. You know....they say your first anniversary, you should exchange the gift of paper, your fifth should be wood, twentieth is china, etc. The celebration of a wedding anniversary is not a new concept, of course, dating back to the Middle Ages. The gifts of specific materials continue to have their own symbolic value, in order to reflect the investment that the couple gives of themselves to one another. In medieval Germany, a wife would receive a silver wreath when she had lived with her husband for twenty-five years. The silver symbolized the harmony that was necessary to maintain the marriage for so long. Then later, on the fiftieth anniversary, the wife was presented with a wreath of gold. This is where "Silver" and "Gold" anniversaries originate from!

Source - History of Wedding Anniversary Gift Lists

Wedding anniversary gifts
Wedding anniversary gifts
Wedding anniversary gifts

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts & Photo Credits

First Anniversary: Paper (Photo source)
Second: Cotton (Photo source)
Third: Leather (Photo source)
Fourth: Fruit or Flowers (Photo source)
Fifth: Wood (Photo source)

Tenth: Tin or Aluminum Photo source)
Fifteenth: Crystal (Photo source)
Twentieth: China (Photo source)
Twenty-Fifth: Silver (Photo source)

Thirtieth: Pearl (Photo source)
Fourtieth: Ruby (Photo source)
Fiftieth: Gold (Photo source)
Sixtieth: Yellow Diamond (Photo source)

Seventy-Fifth: Diamond (Photo source)

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Spun Sugar Suite ~ Neallie (Bellingham)

Aug 5, 2011 8:53 AM

Holy diamonds! i sure hope I make it to the 50 and 75 mark... the gifts really get good then!! Absolutely beautiful board, I love the ideas!!

Alicia@CharityWedding (Arizona)

Aug 5, 2011 9:30 AM

VERY cool post! I love all the ideas you came up with! Happy 6 months to you!

Jessica [Shimmer+Silk] (United States)

Aug 5, 2011 9:39 AM

What a great post! I've often wondered what comes after paper, cotton and leather. I can't wait to start giving my husband the traditional anniversary gifts! xox

Colleen {Soundtrack To I Do} (California)

Aug 6, 2011 11:10 AM

Happy anniversary!! What a great idea for a post - beautiful board too!!

Jessica (Sonoma County, CA)

Aug 8, 2011 10:55 AM

I absolutely love your sweet blog! So glad I ran into it, through your post on Jacin's blog! Congrats on your anniversary. Looks like such a lovely wedding!