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Guest Post: Five Tips to a Perfect Engagement Party Thursday, January 12, 2012

They say that something like 20 percent of all engagements happen in between Thanksgiving and New Year's. I guess this shouldn't come as too much of a's the time of year when people travel, take time off work and visit friends and family they haven't seen in a while. It's the perfect time to share big news like an engagement! :) For that reason, Melina's guest post today is very appropriate, and should help out all of you newly engaged ladies out there! If you've never visited Melina's wedding blog, The Wedding Pickle before, be sure to set aside some time in your day to go and check it out. She offers such a unique, meaningful perspective to the wedding industry that I just love :)

I am so happy to be able to fill in for Sarah since I just love this blog she has! With many of you probably newly engaged from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years, I thought I would throw together a post to help you out if you intend on having an engagement party! It is definitely no different than throwing any other fun party with friends and family, but engagement parties have a few considerations of their own. Just follow these 5 tips to insure that you throw the perfect engagement party!

Engagement photo
Found Lovely by Kristen Bell

  1. Assemble the Guest List
    It is probably a good idea to only invite those you intend to invite to the wedding. Unless of course you are wanting a small or destination wedding that you know people probably couldn't attend. Then it could just be a good way to include those you care about in celebrating the good news! All in all you don't want someone wondering why you invite them to your party but not the wedding.

  2. Is it a Surprise?
    Who is hosting this shin dig? If your parents plan on hosting it (or his parents) it wouldn't be a surprise announcement to them, but it could be for your guests! If you want a private affair where you announce your engagement then go ahead and host your own party! Assuming your parents don't mind a surprise!

  3. Food and Drinks
    It isn't necessary to have a sit down dinner since this party can be informal. You can always have it catered from a place of your favorite type of food or just have snacks as you would any party. This a great time for you and your fiancé's parents to meet. Having finger foods and drinks keeps the flow of the party going lending itself to socializing.

  4. Decor and Locale
    Don't break bank and don't upstage the actual wedding celebration. Having it at your house or at your fave restaurant is all fine since it doesn't have to be formal. However, there is no rule against going lavish if that is your style! Do what makes sense for your situation.

  5. Gifts
    Be sure to start up that registry! Of course you just got engaged and probably aren't even thinking about it, that and gifts aren't really expected at engagement parties. However somebody will probably ask and if they insist on bringing something to the party they have something to go off of.

It is a party. Just remember, so just have fun! You'll have plenty of time to stress about etiquette for the wedding believe me! Are you throwing an engagement party? I'd love to hear about your plans! :)

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Melina (United States)

Jan 12, 2012 5:29 PM

Thanks for having me Sarah! Have a great move! :-)

Jessica@TWB (Philadelphia)

Jan 13, 2012 3:29 AM

Awesome post, Melina. Big fan of Wedding Pickle and APP :)

Melina (United States)

Jan 13, 2012 7:02 PM

Thank you Jessica! :-)