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Bridal Fitness on Paper - New Year's Resolutions Monday, January 2, 2012 ~ 8:36 a.m.

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good one :) I can't believe that it's 2012. Time really flies by when you're paying attention to other things...focusing on the day-to-day stuff. For that reason, I think that it's really important to stop and reflect every once in a while. Whether it's for a moment right before you are set to walk down the aisle, or while laying in bed trying to fall asleep one night, taking a second to really stop and see the world around you is really important. I learn that more and more with each year that passes by.

For this week's Bridal Fitness on Paper, I decided to take it in a more reflective direction and focus on New Year's resolutions. Most of mine aren't fitness focused, but I know that many New Year's resolutions are either fitness or diet related, so I figured that it was still appropriate for today :) To be honest, I hardly ever set resolutions for myself. I almost feel like I'm more likely to let myself slip if I actually call it a "Resolution!" Maybe it's the added pressure or something. However, I'm going to try something new this year, and share my New Year's resolutions with all of you. If nothing else, I figure that it might help you guys think about your goals for the year, and hopefully, you'll have better luck achieving yours than I usually do!

This year, more fun, less fear

  • Run or bike a half marathon. As many of you know from reading my past Bridal Fitness blog posts, I don't have much difficulty commiting to regular workouts, so I knew that if I was going to set a fitness New Year's resolution, it would need to be something particularly challenging and outside of the box for me. I do work out a lot, but I won't lie and tell you that I enjoy running, by any stretch of the imagination. I love being fit and active, but I really don't like running. It's hard, it's boring and honestly, I feel like it's brutal on my body - my hips and knees are bad as it is! However, I know that it's good for me, and I know that it is always sure to challenge me both mentally and physically. For that reason, I'd like to try doing a half marathon sometime this year, and maybe work up to a full one eventually =P I'm also leaving biking as an option, because I know that my husband had expressed interest in trying that, as well.

  • Find our home. Ever since my husband and I first started dating, the issue of where we'd live has been an issue. We both lived in California, but my husband is originally from Michigan, and I am from California. Our families are each based on opposite sides of the country, and the idea of being away from them was a struggle for each of us. We started dating when I was younger (my husband is five years older than me), and there was a time when I honestly thought that I could move away from my family, and live in Michigan with Dale. That was the plan originally. I don't know how many tearful conversations and arguments I had with my mom over the issue. However, things changed, and the idea of moving away become more and more difficult for me to imagine. It wasn't just some romantic love story anymore; it was real life.

    The issue of where we'd live has loomed over us for years. It was that recurring argument that was always left unresolved. Finally, we came to an agreement to try it out in Michigan. We got engaged, and I started looking for jobs there, had several interviews, but nothing ever came to fruition. I hated my current job in California at this point, too, so I had no qualms about leaving it by then. Since I wasn't having any luck, we decided that Dale would begin looking for a job in Michigan. Trouble was, there wasn't anything out there for him, either. Ironically, we had finally come to an agreement on where to live, but we were still stuck.

    Ultimately, we ended up making the decision to move to "neutral ground," in Colorado, where my husband has secured an even better job than he has out in California. We've visited there a few times, and we think it's a great combination of what we both want. Not only that, but it's pretty close to halfway in between California and Michigan! We move in less than a month, and we hope that it ends up being the place for us. We signed a year long rental lease, and we figure that we'll know by then whether or not we should go ahead and buy a house there. I pray that it ends up being our home - the place where we can finally settle down and lay the neverending issue to rest for good. I hope that by the end of the year, we'll finally know where our home will be.

  • Drink more tea! I'm a big coffee drinker, but I wish that I could get more into tea. It's never been my favorite, but I know that it's a lot better for me. Ever since I tried that detox after Thanksgiving, I've been drinking it more often, and I'm determined to keep on drinking it!

  • Get involved. I feel so strongly about animals; you've heard me - I cry at the mere thought of something bad happening to an animal! For as much as I care about them though, I haven't done nearly enough to help outside of spoiling my own kitties. Dale and I were parked out front of our friend's house a couple of weeks ago, and witnessed a cat getting hit by a car. We felt so powerless...the cat didn't have a collar, so all we could do was get the cat off the street, put the cat in a box and call animal control to come pick it up. We felt terrible just leaving the cat there, but we didn't know what else to do. When we got home that night, my husband and I did some research and found a no-kill animal shelter called The MaxFund, located near our soon-to-be home in Denver. We signed up to contribute monthly donations, and I'm resolving to become a regular volunteer there this year, too!

  • Meet new people! I've probably mentioned this before, but I tend to be kind of shy. I'm not very good at putting myself out there and meeting new people, and I tend to be more of a homebody than a social butterfly. But now that we're moving to Denver, where we won't know many people, my husband and I know that we'll need to go outside of our comfort zone in order to build new friendships with the people around us. Personally, I'm both excited and nervous at the same time to move to Denver. I'm looking forward to a fresh start with my husband, getting out there and building a life together in a new place. But I'm scared, too! I know that meeting new people will not be easy when I work from home and don't go to school or classes anymore. I have a few ideas on how to meet new people in other ways though; group fitness classes and volunteering; all I need to do is actually get out there and do it! I hope I can do it =/

  • Read the classics. Ever since I left my full time job and started working on my blog, I have been wanting to go back and read all of those classic novels that I either never made time to read, or quickly blew through using cliff notes in college. I read a couple so far...The Scarlett Letter and Pride and Prejudice, but not nearly as many as I had originally hoped! So in 2012, I resolve to finally finish Wuthering Heights, and also read Jane Eyre, Peter Pan, Catch-22, Little Women, Great Expectations, Sense and Sensability and Emma. Eight classics in one year. That's doable, right? Ha, I guess we'll see!

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