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Bridal Fitness - Best and Worst Halloween Candy Monday, October 1, 2012 ~ 8:56 a.m.

Hey guys! I hope you all had great weekends! With it being the first day of October and all, I thought I'd gear this week's Bridal Fitness post toward the best day in October...Halloween! Yes, I realize that I'm still about 30 days early, but let's be honest, Halloween starts way before October 31st. Have you walked the aisles of the grocery store lately? It's Halloween candy MANIA! So while this post may seem early to some of you, the Halloween candy noshing kicks into high gear starting pretty much now.

Now, I'll be totally honest with you guys now. I've already begun enjoying Halloween, if you know what I mean. I have a bag of Reese's peanut butter cups in pantry right now, and I'm not going to apologize for it! Yes, it seems impossible to resist all of the delicious snack sized treats wrapped in bright orange and black. So what are we to do? Well, I say give in, (to a point, at least) but be somewhat smart about it and of course, practice moderation.

With that being said, here are the worst (TRICK) and best (TREAT) choices when it comes to Halloween candy - calories, fat and all. The not-so-great choices are on the left, and the somewhat better choices are on your right. And if I could give you one final piece of advice? Keep these numbers in mind, but don't let it restrict you too much. At the end of the day, they're all candy and none of them are good for you, so you might as well choose your favorites and love every minute of it!

Low calorie Halloween candy

You may be surprised when you hear that these two Halloween favorites, candy corn and marshmallow Peeps are relatively good choices when you're trolling for Halloween candy. One piece of candy corn is just over 6 calories; and 70 calories, 0 grams of fat and 14g sugar for a full serving of 11 pieces. Those lovable bright orange Peeps are 16 calories each and 0g of fat, so feel free to nosh on!

Trick or Treat Halloween Candy
Airheads and laffy taffy Reese's Pumpkins and Tootsie Rolls Skittles and Starburst Mounds and York Peppermint Patties Butterfinger and 3 Musketeers

Bridal Fitness on Paper - Best and Worst Halloween Candy

Snack or "Fun" size, one piece
47 calories
0.5g fat (1g saturated)
6g sugar
Laffy Taffy
Snack or "Fun" size, one piece
30 calories
0.3g fat
4.2g sugar
Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkin
One piece
180 calories
11g fat (3.5g saturated)
16g sugar
Tootsie Rolls
Snack or "Fun" size, one piece
50 calories
1.25g fat
7g sugar
Snack or "Fun" size, one piece
60 calories
0.7g fat
11.3g sugar
Snack or "Fun" size, one piece (2 wrapped candies)
40 calories
0.8g fat
6g sugar
Snack or "Fun" size, one piece
80 calories
3.5g fat
7g sugar
York Peppermint Patty
Snack or "Fun" size, one piece
50 calories
0.7g fat
9g sugar
Snack or "Fun" size, one piece
85 calories
1.8g saturated fat
8.5g sugar
3 Musketeers
Snack or "Fun" size, one piece
63 calories
1.3g saturated fat
10g sugar

Nutritional sources: Cooking Light,, Men's Health, and Women's Health.

Bridal Fitness on Paper is a weekly blog series posted every Monday, where I share and review a wide variety of cardio and resistance training workouts, both inside the gym and out. Bridal Fitness on Paper is meant to help guide brides along their weight loss journey all the way to the altar and beyond! All of the reviews posted are based on my own experience; I am not a fitness or nutrition professional, and am not liable for any injuries incurred while trying any of the workouts that I share here on A Paper Proposal. If you're curious about a specific workout, and you'd like for me to review it, please do leave a comment below or feel free to send me an email at Sarah - at - apaperproposal - dot - com.

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