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Finding The One - TACORI Engagement Rings Tuesday, November 6, 2012 ~ 8:45 a.m.

When you dream of "The One," you hope that he's sweet, funny, generous, thoughtful and intelligent. You hope that he is confident but not pompous, flexible but not a pushover, stylish but not superficial. When you're lucky enough to find a guy that meets your impossibly high criteria, you snatch him up like a toddler with a happy meal. You can finally breathe a sigh of relief because your search is OVER, and he is yours! Only then do you realize that the real search begins.

Now, your guy must find the perfect engagement ring for you. He must find a diamond ring that is not only stylish and sparkling, but one that really suits you. Now, if you're smart, you do what you can to nudge him in the right direction. After all, you'll be wearing this engagement ring on your finger for the rest of your life; now is not the time to be coy. And the right direction, in a word, is TACORI.

Tacori diamond engagement rings

If your guy selects a TACORI engagement ring, you are pretty much guaranteed luxury, style and quality. When surveyed in 2011, 1500 women across America choose one brand above all others as the ring they wanted -- TACORI. Fusing classic elegance with modern inspiration, TACORI diamond rings are all handcrafted at their jewelry headquarters in California.

JR Dunn jewelers, who specialize in TACORI engagement rings claim that the Crescent styles are the most popular of the designs, with the TACORI Criss-Cross 2565 as the single most requested design by couples (pictured below in varying styles). From the simple and elegant, to the incredibly intricate, TACORI engagement ring mountings are uniquely designed in platinum, white gold and a new personal favorite, rose gold.

Tacori diamond engagement rings

Once you find your perfect mounting design on the JR Dunn website, you'll select the diamond (or gemstone) of your choice from a large variety of shapes and sizes. No matter which one you choose, every TACORI engagement ring has that big "WOW" factor that a man hopes for when he finally opens that velvet box while down on one knee.

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