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Insuring Your Wedding Rings and Your Piece of Mind Monday, December 10, 2012

Jewelers Mutual insurance With the handfuls upon handfuls of jewelry that many of us ladies own, only one thing is for sure; we are bound to misplace some stuff from time to time. If we're lucky, we find it later on in a random suitcase pocket or in between the seat cushions...I know that I feel like I'm always looking for something!

Really though, how many of you have lost a special piece of jewelry at some point? I know that I have, and I still cringe at the memory of it. When Dale and I were dating, he gave me a beautiful Claddagh ring. Soon after, we went to the beach, and instead of taking the ring off of my finger to keep it safe, I went swimming with it. I'm sure you can see where this is going... It was awful, and to this day, I feel really guilty about it.

Years later after Dale proposed, I knew that this new, very important ring absolutely could not get lost. I was actually paranoid about it because I knew I had already lost one ring that Dale had given me, and I was most certainly not going to be a repeat offender! I think I'm pretty careful with my diamond engagement ring these days, but even then, we all know that life happens and we lose things.

According to Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, one of the most common reasons a policyholder makes an engagement or wedding ring claim is due to accidental loss or mysterious disappearance. In fact, almost 40% of their 2009 claims were because of these very reasons. Things happen that we can't control, and it's important that we do everything possible to prevent the worst from occurring. In this case, the worst being losing that precious, beautiful and quite expensive engagement ring on your finger.

I am sure that you'll agree that your wedding rings are priceless; they're irreplaceable in the heart and in the bank account. For that reason, I'm a firm believer that you absolutely MUST insure your diamonds! Oh, and don't assume that your rings are insured under your jeweler's warranty, your renter's or homeowners insurance. Like most things in life, it's never that easy. Oftentimes, your jeweler's warranty will only cover your ring if the diamond happens to fall out of the setting or something breaks on the ring itself. Once more, your typical renters and home insurance policy doesn't cover your pricier items like wedding rings; these things have to be added to your current policy, and yes, you guessed it, incur an additional fee to be covered.

Jewelers Mutual insurance

If all of this is sounding crazy confusing, don't fret! Insuring your wedding rings can be made simple. Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance by Jewelers Mutual is the only insurer in the United States and Canada that specializes exclusively in jewelry insurance. They can provide you with the individual coverage you need to protect your wedding rings against possible damage, loss or theft world-wide.

To figure out how much it may cost to insure your wedding rings, you can use the Jewelers Mutual free quote calculator to determine your estimated rate based on your preferred deductible, zip code and the approximate value of your jewelry. Take it from me, the price to insure your wedding rings is well worth the ease of mind you have knowing that you're covered if something bad should happen.

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