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Wedding Stationery Q&A with Envelopments Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hi guys! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I know that a lot of you are still out enjoying your holiday (like me), but I remember spending a lot of this holiday vacation time off working on my wedding stuff, so I thought you'd appreciate having some new blog posts to peruse while you're relaxing or working on projects at home. Today, I'm sharing an informative Q&A with Envelopments all about wedding stationery. There's some great advice for brides who are currently narrowing down their stationery needs, and most importantly, looking to save some money!

Wedding invitation suite by Envelopments

Wedding Stationery Q&A with Envelopments

What's the first thing a bride should consider when designing or printing her own invitations?
How many actual invitations she is mailing, which is quite different from the number attending. So often, couples try to order invitations based on their head count, forgetting that many of her guests will be coming from the same household, families, couples etc. She should also be considering the time of day of her wedding, formal or informal, colors, themes, images, that she is including in her event. These elements can be incorporated as a visual cue. Simple details really help to emote the aesthetic of the wedding they are planning without giving every detail away. It creates a thread, builds a mood.

What are the benefits of a mailed invitation over an e-invitation?
A mailed invitation resonates in a way that digital never will. Digital is, and always will be, unsentimental. I invite you to hold a beautifully designed invitation in your hand and then try to find any digital version that can compare. As we all have become more tech savvy in our communications, a handmade invitation that has traveled to your mailbox becomes ever more celebrated and cherished. Digital is expedient and cost effective and definitely has a place in our lives, but it falls flat for such a life changing occasion as a wedding. There are moments in our lives that deserve a paper trail. A wedding invitation is also a wonderful keepsake, an instant heirloom for your family history. They are like receiving a small gift in the mail, and have all the opportunity to represent you; from the colors and texture, print process, typography, to the postage and addressing. All these details you chose to convey your unique personalities.

What is the most popular color combo ordered?
For the traditional bride; Magnolia, our gorgeously textured Ecru and Pyrite still rule the day. For our hipster brides; Pout and Dahlia in beautiful coral tones are very strong. For our nature brides; Pecan Barque and PC 100 Natural Kraft dominate the color schemes. And for our toes in the sand brides; Caspian, Diamond, Champagnium and Ecru Micah really exude an elegant oceanic themed wedding.

I think the real story is that today's bride can truly choose from her own sensibility, to style her wedding as she sees fit and we are so happy to help support her with our dealer network and the biggest selection of more than 250 colors and patterns in over 100 sizes and shapes in Envelopments 2013 offerings.

Wedding invitation suite by Envelopments

What are some money saving tips for wedding paper goods?

  • It might sound a little counterintuitive, but order at least 10 percent more than you think you need...there is always someone you forgot, or want to add when you get some declines. Depending on the print process, it is usually much more expensive to try to reorder a few extra later on - calligraphers make mistakes, laser printers jam. It is an inexpensive insurance policy and saves you so much stress knowing you have them even if you don't use them all. Having to go back an order more will always cost more (if only for the cost of rush shipping).

  • If you love the layered look or the packaging of a Pocket Fold invitation, but you are on a tight budget split your list and send the more elaborate version to your A list and the paired down version to your B list.

  • For less formal events, use a postcard format for your Save the Date or RSVP card. It will cost you less in postage and will eliminate one envelope cost.

  • For those brides who haven't been planning your wedding since you were 5, consider laser or inkjet printing your invitation instead of using thermography or letterpress.
  • Consider doing some of your own assembly or add your own details like ribbon, dried pressed flowers, rhinestones, to your printed invitation.

  • Print a beautiful detail on the outer envelope, or custom postage instead of a wax seal.

Wedding invitation suite by Envelopments

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