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Picks on Paper - Creative Unity Ceremony Ideas Wednesday, April 4, 2012 ~ 8:07 a.m.

Hi everyone! Well, this week has been pretty nuts so far...I'm trying not to freak out about it too much, but I feel like I have SO much work to do before I go back to LA to visit my family in a week. Not only that, but I've been gaining weight lately because I can't seem to stop eating! Ugh...sorry to be a bummer. This morning, I have to go to a couple of auto body shops to get my car looked at. I don't think that I mentioned yet that I was in car accident last week. Some guy hit me from behind while I was stopped at a red light. I'm fine, and there isn't much visible damage, but I want to make sure there's nothing going on that I can't see underneath the bumper. Once I get that done this morning though, I'll have the next few days to focus on getting my work done. In an ideal world, there will be no damage, and no need to file a claim or do anything else about it! Ha...wish me luck!

Anyway, thanks for letting me complain a bit! For this week's Picks on Paper, I pulled some of my all-time favorite and most creative unity ceremony ideas. I'm not talking flowers, aisle or altar decor, but symbolic rituals that a bride and groom can integrate into their wedding ceremony using rope, sand, trees, wine bottles...even wishbones! Just a couple of weeks ago, I featured a bride and groom's Trash the Dress session, for which the couple had collected strands of colorful ribbon from their friends and family to use as part of their ceremony, and later, as a prop for their photo shoot. I also remember learning about one couple who asked their guests to each contribute a piece of fabric, which was then sewn into a big quilt that the bride and groom used as part of their ceremony. I wanted to include that one in my Picks, but I wasn't able to find it anywhere, for some reason! I still thought it was worth mentioning though ;)

All of the unity ideas below are meant to demonstrate the bride and groom's commitment to one another in front of their friends and family, and they go well beyond the more traditional sand ceremony and exchange of written vows.

Picks on Paper - Creative Unity Ceremony Ideas

Tying the Knot
This couple, featured on Rose a la Mode, actually used sturdy rope (or "Sheet," as sailors call it! ;) to tie a fisherman's knot. Considered the strongest knot, the rope will break before it comes undone, and it only gets tighter with pressure.

Tying the knot
Inspired Photography

Modern Sand Ceremony
Rather than mixing two colors of sand, this bride and groom, featured on Grey Likes, each collected sand from their native homelands - South Korea and Canada - to unite during in their sand ceremony.

Sand ceremony
Robert Sukrachand Wedding Photography

A Lucky Break
During their ceremony, this bride and groom handed out wishbones to all of their guests, along with a little note that said, "The day we met was our lucky break. Today might be yours. May all your wishes come true! xoxo." Wedding originally featured on Green Wedding Shoes.

Wishbone ceremony Wishbone ceremony
W.Scott Chester Photography

Wine in a Box
This wedding at a winery featured on 'I Do' It Yourself included a beautiful wine box ceremony. Essentially, the box is filled with a bottle of wine (or another liquor, if you prefer), as well as love letters to one another. You could also consider including notes from loved ones in attendance, or copies of your vows! During the ceremony, the bride and groom fill the box together, and seal it shut with nails to be opened years from then on a big anniversary.

Wine box ceremony
Jose Reyes Photography

Tree of Love
This is such a great idea for the right couple. What better way to celebrate the beginning of a new life together? Plant a tree! This couple, featured on Green Wedding Shoes, did just that.

Plant a tree
Laura Leslie Photography

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Erika {Borrowed&Bleu} (Orlando, FL)

Apr 4, 2012 2:37 PM

These are all great, but I really like the tree of love idea!

Colleen {Soundtrack To I Do} (Salinas, CA)

Apr 5, 2012 1:41 AM

Love these ideas!! Especially the wine bottle one, because I love the time-capsule-ish concept of putting love letters and even notes from loved ones and then reading them years later - so neat!

arianne scott (Vancouver, bc)

Aug 8, 2012 3:24 AM

Hi there, I'm getting married on the 18th and we are using the fisherman's knot ceremony
But I wanted to tell you if you wanted to add the other ceremony idea with the blanket, you can find it on my pinterest wedding ideas board.. great ideas though, there are a lot of new ones!!