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Sweet Surprise Proposal and Engagement Shoot Monday, June 11, 2012 ~ 4:35 p.m.

I know that I've told you guys before that I try to only feature weddings and shoots when they make me feel something; whether it's super giddy over so many pretty flowers, or all warm and fuzzy from seeing a cute couple in love. This proposal shoot made me smile inside and out, and that was all I needed to decide that I was going to share it with you guys! I was so happy for this couple, and seeing the bride-to-be, Amber's reaction when her fiance dropped down on one knee brought me back to when my husband and I first got engaged. There's nothing like it!

Amber and her fiance, Terrence first met in high school, although they didn't know it was the real thing until eleven years later when the two reconnected through Facebook. A few months ago, Terrence decided that he wanted to propose to Amber in a unique way, and teamed up with photographer Lucy Munoz for the special occasion. Terrence told Amber that they were participating in a photo shoot for a friend (who was also an amateur photographer) in order to help her build her portfolio.

"Terrence wanted to make sure I didn't give it away, [so] toward the end of the shoot, I thanked them both, told them what a lovely time I had taking their pictures and then walked away. What Amber didn't see coming was a surprise engagement. She walked over to the picnic tables, took off her heels, put on her flip flops and sat down on the table. I quickly dropped everything I was carrying when I saw Terrence getting down on one knee. The rest is forever captured and theirs to have," said their photographer, Lucy. "Terrence and Amber, what a joy it was to witness the start of your new life together! Much love and happiness!"

Sweet Surprise Proposal and Engagement Shoot Sweet Surprise Proposal and Engagement Shoot Sweet Surprise Proposal and Engagement Shoot Sweet Surprise Proposal and Engagement Shoot

Sweet Surprise Proposal and Engagement Shoot by Lucy Munoz Photography

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1 Comment

Lucy Munoz (Walnut)

Jun 11, 2012 5:43 PM

Paper Proposal--Thanks for featuring this engagement! It's so exciting to see the pictures and their love again =)