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Picks on Paper - Mason Jar Wedding Ideas Wednesday, June 13, 2012 ~ 10:15 a.m.

If you're been engaged for a while, then I'm sure that it's no secret to you that mason jars are HUGE right now. They have been for a while now, actually, and its staying power is surprising even me! Their versatility, as well as their low cost, contributes toward their popularity not only in weddings, but in homes (I have a few in my bathroom to hold my cotton balls, Q-tips and such!), as well. I've seen them used a multitude of ways - for wedding favors, fun cocktails, floral vases, food containers, lighting and candles and much, much more. I've even see them used totally empty, arranged in clusters on tables as centerpieces, dipped in glitter, spray painted and doodled on to add a little color and personality to weddings.

Ironically, because mason jars are so popular, I tend to stay away from doing blog posts focusing solely on them. Not because I'm not a fan, but because I see them so often in weddings, on other blogs and such, that I kind of forget that I haven't featured them, myself, if that makes any sense! However, my husband and I were looking at our web stats just the other day, and what's the third most popular tag clicked by readers to date? Mason jars! With so many of you guys on the hunt for mason jar inspiration, I thought it was time that I pulled together some ideas for this week's Picks on Paper. Check out some ideas for using mason jars for lighting, floral vases, wedding favors and treats, ceremony decor, beverages and cocktails, and then be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see where you can find/purchase some mason jars of your own!

Picks on Paper - Mason Jar Wedding Ideas

Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Lighting

Hazelnut Photography via SMP | Daniel Usenko via SMP | We Heart Photography via SMP | LG Weddings via SMP

Flowers in mason jars Flowers in mason jars Flowers in mason jars

Jamie Grenough Photography via SMP | JAC Photography via SMP | Pictilio via SMP | Candice Benjamin Photography via Ruffled | Samm Blake via SMP | Leslie Walker Photography via SMP | Yazy Jo Photography via SMP | Abi Q Photography via Ruffled | Picotte Weddings via SMP

Mason jar glasses Mason Jar glasses

Concept-A Photography via SMP | Uplift Photography via SMP | Garrett Nudd Photography via SMP | Kate Webber Photography via SMP | Jose Villa Photography via Southern Weddings | Abi Q Photography via Ruffled

Mason Jar Ceremony Decor Mason Jar Ceremony Decor

Espana Photography via Ruffled | Ellie Grover via Green Wedding Shoes | Amanda Wilcher Photographers via SMP | Shannon Mathis via SMP

Mason Jar favors Mason Jar favors

DeCarlo Photography via SMP | Jose Villa Photography via Southern Weddings | Ulmer Studios via The Wedding Chicks | Katie Stoops Photography via The Wedding Chicks | Jen Huang Photography via SMP

I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like mason jars are everywhere these days, but it isn't quite as easy to find them as you'd think. I don't frequent flea markets, garage sales or estate sales very often, but this is often where I hear brides collect their vintage glassware. If you're like me though, and would rather just buy them than go through the effort of hitting the sales every weekend to piece together your collection of mason jars, here are some great places to look:

  • Major online retailers like, and Etsy (be sure to check both the "Handmade" and the "Vintage" sections when searching!).
  • Oftentimes, brides are looking to get rid of the mason jars they used for their own wedding, so checking message boards and resale sites is also a must! Especially now that mason jars have been popular for so long; you're going to find a lot of brides out there looking to sell theirs nowadays. Check Recycled Bride, Wedding Bee, The Knot forums and the Recycle Your Wedding shop on Ruffled.
  • Given their huge popularity, you'd be surprised how many big supermarkets are now carrying mason jars! I recently saw them in-store at Target, and they're also available online via Sears and Walmart.

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1 Comment

Megan Gray (Chicago)

Jan 23, 2014 10:45 AM

So much fun meson jar inspiration! I've never seen blue mason jars before...I'll have to go and look for them! :D