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Bridal Fitness on Paper - P90X Total Body Plus Monday, July 30, 2012 ~ 8:40 a.m.

Good morning! I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was pretty relaxing, so I figured I had some time to get in a full-on workout review today. I feel like I haven't done one in a while! As many of you know, I'm a big fan of the P90X workout programs, so I'm sure it comes as no surprise that today, I'm reviewing one of the workouts as part of the P90X+ fitness program. The P90X+ program actually came after the P90X program and before the P90X2 program. It's a little smaller, with only five workouts on five DVDs, but it's designed to be a challenging extension to the original P90X program. Now, is it really harder than the original P90X program? I'm not so sure, but it offers additional variety to those who are already dedicated to the P90X series, which is always good for those of us who work out regularly. I like to throw the P90X+ Total Body Plus, which I'm reviewing today, and the P90X+ IntervalX workouts into my regular routine every once in a while to keep things interesting!

P90X+ review

Bridal Fitness Review - P90X+ Total Body Plus

Overall: Four diamond ring rating for bridal fitness exercise reviews
4 out of 5 diamonds
P90X+ Total Body Plus is a good, solid mix of cardio and resistance training.

First came Power90, then came P90X, P90X+ and P90X2. P90X+ Total Body Plus is one of five individual workouts that are a part of the P90X+ fitness program, which is designed to be a more advanced or extended version of P90X. I've completed workouts in all of these programs, and I find P90X+ to be one of my favorites next to P90X; I definitely like it more than P90X2! P90X+ Total Body Plus focuses on moves that are supposed to work multiple parts of the body at the same time like planks and pushups, pullup crunches, deadlifts with curl presses and tricep kickbacks. The workout also includes a light mix of cardio like jogging and jumping jacks. My biggest complaint is that there aren't more of the pure cardio moves in this workout routine, but it's still challenging and you definitely finish feeling like you've worked your entire body - arms, legs, abs and butt.

Cost & Equipment: Four diamond ring rating for bridal bootcamp exercise reviews
4 out of 5 diamonds
Unlike the P90X and P90X2 fitness programs, the P90X+ workout program may be purchased all together in a 4-DVD set ($60) or individually ($30).

Unlike the regular P90X and even the newer P90X2 fitness program, the P90X+ is broken down into four different DVDs, which can be purchased as a set or individually. The P90X+ DVD set currently costs about $60 on Amazon, and includes Total Body Plus, Interval X Plus, Kenpo Cardio Plus, Upper Plus and Abs/Core Plus. Or, you have the opton to purchase the DVDs individually. The Total Body Plus DVD is available on Amazon for about $30 right now. Clearly, the larger set is a better deal, but overall, P90X+ is definitely a cheaper alternative to the larger P90X and P90X2 fitness programs. It's smart to offer these individual workout DVDS for anyone who isn't necessarily ready to shell out $150 for a full-on P90X or P90X2 all-inclusive fitness program.

Like the rest of the P90X workouts, P90X+ Total Body Plus requires some hefty pieces of equipment including the pull-up bar, powerstands and handweights. I personally don't think the powerstands, which are just those handlebars that you can use when doing your push-ups to help your wrists, are absolutely necessary, but the other two items are definitely needed. I think that it's worth noting here that the P90X+ definitely has Bowflex as a paid sponsor. They try to push the equipment on you, but any pullup bar and weights will work fine for this workout. For the handweights, you can technically get away with using just one pair (I used eight's), but if possible, have one lighter and one heavier set ready when completing this workout.

Time Commitment: Three and a half diamond ring rating for bridal bootcamp exercise reviews
3.5 out of 5 diamonds
P90X+ Total Body Plus clocks in at 45 minutes long with a ten minute warmup and only one short break half way into the routine.

The 45 minute workout includes a 10 minute warmup of light cardio including lunges, squats, pushups, jogging and jumping jacks, followed by another 30 minutes of exercising with a 30-second break and a 5 minute cool down. The workout definitely starts to feel long toward the end. The pushups were KILLER about half way through the workout, and I wasn't sure I would be able to keep going (but I did!). It makes good use of your workout time, although I did wish that there were a tad less pushups and a bit more cardio to keep my heartrate high. I also thought that the pace of the workout could have been a bit faster, meaning less breaks in between moves. I found myself doing jump-squats, jumping jacks and butt kicks in between the real exercises just to keep my heartrate up.

Level of Difficulty: Three and a half diamond ring rating for bridal bootcamp exercise reviews
3.5 out of 5 diamonds
This workout is filled with challenging exercises, however, I do wish that the pace was just a bit quicker.

Like many of the P90X workouts, Total Body Plus has a stronger emphasis on building and toning muscle than it does on burning fat. As long as you go in knowing that though, you'll be able to appreciate this workout. I did have trouble keeping up with the arm exercises, as the workout is pretty heavy on the pushups. About half way though, I didn't think I could do any more, so it's best to limit your reps until you get a better feel for the whole routine. If the pushups weren't enough, you also use the pullup bar more than a few times. I'll be honest; we have a pullup bar at home, but I don't like using it. Whenever it comes time to do an exercise with it, I end up trying to do the equivalent with my handweights instead. I figure as long as I'm still working and moving, I'm fine. So if you don't have a desire to complete ten pullups in your lifetime, then don't be afraid to swap out the exercises with other things you can remember doing in the past. No harm!

As I mentioned previously, I also ended up throwing in some extra jogging, jumping jacks and jump-squats into the mix, because I felt like I would spend some time just standing around otherwise. This isn't because there are a bunch of designated breaks during this workout, but because I found myself not needing all of the time allotted to complete my goal number of reps. Instead of standing around and waiting for the next thing, I tried to keep moving so my heartrate would stay up. My biggest (and only) complaint about Total Body Plus is that I wish the pace was just a little bit quicker than it is.

Effectiveness: Three and a half diamond ring rating for bridal bootcamp exercise reviews
3.5 out of 5 diamonds
P90X+ Total Body Plus' greatest strength is that it's a total body workout that will have your arms, legs and core working all at once.

P90X+ Total Body Plus is definitely a muscle-burner! There is a strong emphasis on your arms with all of the pushups and pullups, but there is also a lot of work using your core and quads with moves like the half dervish, tricep kickbacks, sumo chairs, lunge squats and the weighted warrior. With so many workouts in the P90X program focusing on specific muscle groups at a time, I love that this one hits everything at once! The slower pace will keep the workout from getting too challenging, so if you think that the original P90X series is too challenging for you, then P90X+ may be for you!

Enjoyability: Four diamond rings rating for bridal bootcamp exercise reviews
4 out of 5 diamonds
Working on all parts of the body with no repeatetive exercises keeps this workout interesting.

There are two reasons that I enjoy this workout: 1) You never repeat the same exercise twice, and 2) It works your entire body at the same time. The pace is a little bit lagging, but other than that, there's really no reason to get bored, with the good variety of exercises you're doing.

Bridal Fitness on Paper is a weekly blog series posted every Monday, where I share and review a wide variety of cardio and resistance training workouts, both inside the gym and out. Bridal Fitness on Paper is meant to help guide brides along their weight loss journey all the way to the altar and beyond! All of the reviews posted are based on my own experience; I am not a fitness or nutrition professional. If you're curious about a specific workout, and you'd like for me to review it, please do leave a comment below or feel free to send me an email at Sarah - at - apaperproposal - dot - com.

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