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Wedding Hair Styles for the Bride Friday, July 6, 2012 ~ 10:15 a.m.

Happy Friday! It kind of feels like a second weekend in one week, huh? Not that I'm complaining :) Before I get started on my blog post today, I wanted to make sure you knew that I'm guest posting over on Soundtrack To I Do today, and we're all about fabulous and fun bright colors and inspiration for the summertime. Please go and leave me some love! :)

So wedding's kind of a big deal. When you look back on your wedding photos, if you don't like your hair, you probably won't like your wedding photos! It's sad, but true. For that reason, you really want to make sure you're as prepared as possible. Job one? Finding a talented hair stylist. Once you find one that has a great portfolio of work, make sure that you do the hair trial before the big day! Even if you're just keeping your down and loose, you don't want to end up looking like Dolly Parton when you were really going for the Jennifer Aniston. Even I managed to have a trial done the day before my destination wedding down in Mexico! I was so happy that I did it; and my hair stylist was even nice enough to modify the style a bit for my rehearsal dinner at no extra cost. Beyond that, here are some additional things to keep in mind:

Wedding Hair Tips

  • If you have a photo of what hairstyle you're looking for (hopefully you'll find one from the ones I've included below!), bring it with you to your hair trial, but keep in mind that you aren't going to look exactly like the girl in the photo. Everyone's hair is different - different cuts, lengths and textures, so let your hair stylist do his/her job and give him/her some leeway to be creative! Your hair stylist will certainly keep the photo you bring in mind when putting together your look, but he/she will probably modify it a bit to better suit you! Be open to it!

  • Plan ahead, and do not get your hair treated, colored or cut right before your wedding day. It's a good idea to get your hair cut and colored about three weeks to a month prior to the big day, so you have plenty of time to fix anything that may have gone wrong or not as expected. Seriously...even if you have gone to the same hair stylist your entire life, don't risk it!

  • Keep it loose! Going too tight, slicked back and hair sprayed often gives you that high school prom look that no one wants (plus, we've all had those awful pony tail headaches!). Sure, you want your hair style to last throughout the day, but you want to make sure that you pick a hair style that is realistic for your hair (don't go with curls if they don't ever last more than an hour; they won't work any better on your wedding day), and most importantly, you want something that looks natural from morning until night.

  • Unless you're keeping your hair stylist by your side all night, remember to ask him/her how to fix and maintain your hair throughout the wedding day. Ask what items you should keep with you - bobby pins, hair bands, hair spray, etc. - how to repin loose ends, re-tease for more volume, and if you're thinking about letting your hair down for the reception, ask the best way to go about it so you don't end up with a rat's nest.

  • Lastly, be sure to tip your hair stylist 20 percent, and send a big "Thank you" note/email when your day is all said and done :)

Chic updo's High bun wedding hair
Jasmine Star Photography via Green Wedding Shoes | Tangerine Tree Photography via GWS | Moss and Isaac via 100 Layer Cake

Low and side-swept hair styles Low and side swept bridal hair
Jerry Yoon Photographers via GWS | Tinywater Photography via SMP | Elizabeth Messina via GWS

Side braids and pony tails Side fishtail braids Side pony tails and fishtail braids
Arrow & Apple via GWS | Michelle Lemley Photography via The Wedding Chicks | Amanda Julca Photography via SMP | Megan Robinson Fine Art Photography via GWS | Feather Love Photography via GWS

Long and flowing bridal hair Long and flowing wedding hair
Tory Williams via 100 Layer Cake | Sugar and Soul Photography via Intimate Weddings | Virgil Bunao Photography via GWS | Love Ala Photography via SMP | The Wedding Chicks | Amanda K Photography via SMP | Lisa Lefkowitz | Forever Photography Studio via SMP

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Melina (United States)

Jul 6, 2012 11:00 PM

Lol! I love your comment on pony tail headaches! I wore pony tails all through middle school, had head aches and grew to not really like pony tails much anymore lol. And I agree about this weekend feeling like a second weekend in one week! July 4 just messed up my whole schedule but it was so worth it! :-)

Josie (USA)

Jul 9, 2012 8:20 PM

Loving those soft, loose romantic!