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My Pregnancy: 25 Weeks! Friday, January 18, 2013 ~ 11:15 a.m.

Hey guys! So I am technically 27 weeks and two days along today, but this is the first opportunity I've had to share my 25 week photo with you all. The baby and I are both doing well, with no complications or anything to worry about. Let's pray it stays that way! I've been feeling okay, for the most part. They say that the second trimester is the best and easiest trimester, and I would definitely have to agree. I haven't been very (pregnant) sick this trimester, I have a lot of my energy back and many of my worst symptoms seemed to disappear. Sure, I got sick a couple of times because it's flu season, but overall, my second trimester was relatively good. I'm kind of sad to be leaving it for the infamous third trimester of growing, swelling and...waddling, haha.

He's kicking!
I would say that the best part of my second trimester (and my entire pregnancy, really) is feeling the baby kick. I know that many women feel their babies kick much earlier than I did, but I didn't really feel anything until the 21-, 22-week mark. Now that I can feel him though, it is so fun and absolutely amazing. He tends to move a lot now, and as he gets bigger, it seems like I can feel his movements more and more. Before I could only feel him kick, but now, I can really feel him puttering around in there! It is absolutely incredible. I was just telling Dale that while I have been having trouble sleeping lately, whenever I'm awake in bed, I always feel my baby right there with me, moving around! He just makes me smile :) I feel like I'm getting to know him now, if that makes any sense. I talk to him and yes, I even sing to him now (when no one else is listening, haha). I've been enjoying this part of my pregnancy so much that I honestly think that I'll miss feeling him move around in my belly once he's born!

Pregnancy photo

My Second Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms
As I get ready to begin my third trimester next week, I'm mostly dealing with the aches and pains of a growing belly! Just comparing my 20 week photo to my 25 week photo below, I am AMAZED at how much my belly grew in those five weeks. It more than doubled in size! My belly button is about 3 weeks to a month away from going flat/popping, if I had to guess. With my sudden belly surge, I've also had some trouble sleeping. It's pretty common knowledge that you can't sleep on your belly or back while pregnant, which was an adjustment for me at first. But now, it seems like the baby does not like for me to sleep on my right side, either! Whenever I do roll over that way, he starts kicking like crazy! I recently read somewhere that it's best to sleep on your left side while pregnant, so that may be why my baby likes it best, too.

Along with my growing belly is the inevitable pain in my back and hips. I've been dealing with it the best I can...cutting out high impact activities and increasing my yoga and stretching, but it's still there, unfortunately. I've been craving sweets, but to be honest, I always craved sweets, so I'm not entirely sure that's related to pregnancy, haha! I really got hit hard with the heartburn and the gas in my second trimester, mostly at night. I had no idea these were such a common symptoms of pregnancy, but I've asked around, and I guess they are! SO not cute. Aesthetically, my hair and skin have definitely been pretty wonky lately. My hair has been growing in really thin, which I don't really mind all that much! I also have super dry, scaley skin in some areas and weird red patches in others. I've gotten compliments on my "glow" lately, and I guess I can see why. Did you know that pregnant women produce 50 percent more blood than normal? Crazy!

My most recent new symptom has been (what I think are) the Braxton Hicks (or uterin) contractions. I'll have to confirm it with my doctor the next time I see him, but this past week, I've been feeling increased pressure down in my lower belly every once in a sort of feels like there's a bowling ball resting on top of my pelvis. Sometimes I can even see my stomach contorting or changing shape a little bit too, which is pretty freaking and "Alien-esque" looking if you ask me! From the research that I've done on Braxton Hicks so far, it seems like the contractions are a pretty normal occurrence as long as they don't last for too long and aren't too painful.

So that's where I am at right now! Wedding rings still fit, although they do get pretty tight when it's hot. Seriously, when I look at my 9-week photo below, I can't believe how thin I was! Not to be vain, but I remember already feeling big and bloated at that point. Turns out that I had no idea what big was, haha. It seems like I'm carrying most of my weight in my face, upper arms and butt, and it is not cute. I miss my regular clothes now more than ever! Anyway, I know that I still have a lot of growing to do in my third trimester, so I'm just going to try my best to accept it and be happy that my baby is also growing, growing, growing! Because that is the point of all of this, now isn't it? :)

Maternity photos

My Pregnancy: 25 Weeks photos by BrideInspired Wedding Photography

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Deborah Zoe (Boston)

Jan 18, 2013 2:23 PM

I'm right there with you!! We're 26 1/2 weeks and baby boy is kicking and moving more than ever!!

Layla Mayville {all the little details} (Bombay, NY)

Jan 24, 2013 7:50 AM

Congrats!! It's so amazing seeing the progress of the baby growing photos!