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Picks on Paper - Wedding Floral Trends Wednessday, January 23, 2013 ~ 9:00 a.m.

For today's Picks on Paper blog post, I'm sharing some of the most popular trends that I've spotted recently in wedding day florals. Most of these trends are just observations made on my part, having seen tons of weddings as a wedding blogger; I'm obviously not a floral professional here. However, I did consult with New York's Verde Flowers, and gathered some of their helpful observations when putting together this list of five wedding floral trends. So take a look and let me know what you think!

Picks on Paper - Wedding Floral Trends

  1. Sweet and Petite Bouquets: Small and dainty floral arrangements that fit right into the palms of your hands seem to be increasingly popular among the bridesmaids these days. It seems as the bridal bouquets get larger and more complex, the bridal party florals are getting smaller, sweeter and simpler.

  2. Garden Roses: "This year, brides seem to be asking for more garden roses, Vanda orchids and things like seeded eucalyptus and ivy greenery that gives the effect of trailing," said Verde Flowers. If I had to guess, the surge in popularity in garden roses, specifically, is in response to the even more popular wedding flower, the peony. As the most popular wedding flower for the past couple of years, peonies are absolutely stunning, but you'll certainly pay for it! Especially if you're looking to purchase them out of season. Garden roses have a very similar effect when placed in a bouquet - full, lush and very romantic - without the crazy price tag. "Consider replacing certain flowers with less expensive varieties that are similar. A bride should always take advantage of what is seasonally available to help cut costs."

  3. Asymmetrical Arrangements: As bridesmaids bouquets get simpler these days, the bridal bouquets appear to be getting more and more elaborate! Besides the flowers themselves, floral bouquets are becoming more and more complex in terms of their shape. Sure, perfectly round, tight and symmetrical bouquets are still well loved, but many brides continue to take risks with their floral arrangements, going for taller and cascading bouquets that are sure to be noticed.

  4. Tangerine Tones: Emerald green may be the Pantone color of the year in 2013, but 2012's bold tangerine orange was HUGE in weddings last year! Since weddings are often planned months and even years in advance, these orange and peach tones probably aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Gorgeous glowy floral bouquets in tangerine tones are all the rage at the moment.

  5. Green and Textured Bouquets: "For bouquets, it seems that brides are looking to mix various textures and colors to create an elegant, fresh picked feel," according to Verde Flowers. "Using a balance of large head and smaller headed blooms, as well as elegant greenery can really create a wonderful design." This trend can often be combined with the other assymetrical arrangement trend I named above. Bouquets that are perfectly imperfect and look as if you just went out into your (amazing) garden and picked your favorite flowers is a huge deal in weddings nowadays.

Sweet and petite bouquets
Sweet and petite bouquets

Megan Robinson Photography and Fleurtations Floral via SMP | Nathan Abplanalp Photography and Carey Roberts Designs via SMP | Apryl Ann Photography via Ruffled | Babb Photo via SMP | Kristin Vining Photography and Carey Roberts Designs via SMP | Jana Williams Photography and Flower Wild via SMP

Garden roses
Garden roses

Half Orange Photography and Flora Fetish via SMP | Edyta Photography and Tesoro Flowers via SMP | Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography via Sayes Livingston Flowers via SMP | Michael and Anna Costa Photography and Bloom & Plume via SMP | Braedon Photography and Floral Occasions via SMP | Gladys Jem Photography and A. Hana Design via SMP

Assymetrical arrangements
Assymetrical modern arrangements

Chloe Murdoch Photography, Noonan's Wine Country Designs and Festive Designs via SMP | Mint Photography via SMP | Chloe Murdoch Photography, Noonan's Wine Country Designs and Festive Designs via SMP | Verde Flowers | Apryl Ann Photography and Bows and Arrows via SMP | Fat Orange Cat Studio via SMP

Tangerine tones
Tangerine floral arrangements

Jose Villa Photography via SMP | Mademoiselle Fiona Wedding Photography via SMP | Elizabeth Messina via SMP | Hazelnut Photography and The Little Branch via SMP | Jose Villa Photography via SMP

Green and textured floral bouquets
Green and textured floral bouquets

Erin Hearts Court and Bash, Please via SMP | Rylee Hitchner and Amy Osaba via SMP | The Photography of Haley Sheffield and Gertie Maes Floral Studio via SMP | Jason & Anna Photography via Ruffled | 2 Brides Photography and Blombyran Nyfiken Gron via SMP | Magnolia Studios and Foxy Florals via SMP

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