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Blue and Gray Baby Shower Invitations Friday, February 22, 2013 ~ 6:45 a.m.

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Today, I'm sharing the invitations that I made for my baby shower in California a couple of weeks ago! I'll also share photos from the day itself, but I'm saving them for another Friday :) I designed these invitations myself using a light blue, gray and white color palette with my chosen nautical theme in mind. If you haven't noticed, I'm hugely into nautical. Plus, I found the "Ahoy! It's a Boy!" theme elsewhere, and fell in love! How cute is that?! I also created matching menus, cupcake toppers and party favor tags, which I'll also share next time.

Baby shower invitation designed by A Paper Proposal

Excuse the poor photo. I'm a writer, not a photographer! Once I completed the invitation design, I printed them myself at home, and then layered the white cards onto some blue patterned paper I found at Michaels. I also included the .jpg file image below, but that picture doesn't include the cute handcut sailboat that I attached to the cards once they were printed! I wanted the little boats to be raised from the invitation card (3D), so I used glue dots instead of regular glue to attach the boats to the invitations themselves. The little sailboats were probably the hardest part, but it was worth it! They turned out really cute!

For the invitation insert, I knew that I needed to request two things. One, because the baby shower was in California and I live in Colorado, I wanted to ask my guests to please either ship their gifts ahead of time or give a gift card so I wouldn't have to haul a bunch of gifts back and forth. Two, instead of the typical greeting card that I'll inevitably throw away, I wanted to ask guests to bring their favorite new or used children's book, and sign a special message to Jack inside the book sleeve instead. They were tricky requests, and I was concerned that I would offend people if I didn't word the requests in the right way, so I definitely did my research beforehand.

I began looking online for cute ways to word my two requests, and it was kind of tough to find any helpful advice! Everything that I found seemed to tell me, "Don't do it!" Apparently, it's rude to assume that you'll get a gift at your baby shower, and asking for a children's book instead of a card is asking too much of your guests? I couldn't believe how huffy some moms and soon-to-be moms got about the subject on the message boards that I read! Honestly, I didn't think it was that big of a deal. It's a baby shower! If it's too much of an inconvenience, then don't come! Despite all of the negativity I came across online, I kept looking until I found a couple of little rhymes that said what I wanted to say. I ended up combining a couple of different ideas that I found to come up with the insert on the right:

Out of state baby shower invitation wording

In case you're curious, no one seemed to mind my requests (or no one said anything to my face, at least! Haha). My guests were pretty good about either shipping their gifts or giving gift cards, as well, which I was very thankful for when I had to pack everything up for my flight back home! I only had to ship one box separately! As for the books, there were some guests who seemed confused by the request, but a lot of people got into it! I really appreciated them taking the time to seek out their favorite books from their own childhoods to share with me and Jack. I ended up with a pretty good library for the nursery, too! A couple of duplicates, sure, but each was signed with a special note for Jack, so I know that I'll keep every one of them.

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1 Comment

Ashley (FL)

Aug 15, 2013 3:25 PM

I LOVE the fonts on this invitation! What are they?