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Destination Wedding Invitation Booklets by Adori Designs Friday, March 1, 2013 ~ 8:35 a.m.

If you happen to be planning a wedding at a faraway location, then I'm sure you know how tricky destination wedding stationery can be. Normally when you plan a local wedding, you have a good amount of information to divulge to your guests. You may have to include an insert card or two along with your traditional invitation, but it's still manageable. But if you're planning a destination wedding? It can seem like you have to write a novel to make sure your guests have all of the necessary information! There's so much more information to share with your guests, and seemingly not enough paper to put it all on!

Destination wedding invitation booklets

When I started planning my own destination wedding a couple of years ago, I was so excited about finding the perfect wedding stationery to announce my special (and unique!) wedding to friends and family. However, I quickly hit a roadblock when I realized that most invitations are designed for a local wedding. There simply wasn't enough space on the page, and the printing costs quickly racked up as the amount of paper that I would need increased. Not only that, but the destination wedding invitations that I did find were not cute. I personally felt like they were all so cheesy with their big, obnoxious palm trees and such. I wanted something just as beautiful for my destination wedding, and I wasn't about to sacrifice my personal style one bit!

Ultimately, I ended up getting my destination wedding invitations custom made because they were so important to me, and I absolutely loved them in the end. If you currently find yourself in a similar predicament while planning your destination wedding, then you should definitely check out the beautiful stationery by Adori Designs. I only wish I had known about them when I was planning my wedding! With an awesome collection of save the dates and wedding invitation booklets, Adori Designs provides some great options for destination brides, in particular.

Destination wedding invitation booklets

The founder and designer behind Adori Designs, Jennifer Larson, started designing booklet invitations when she was planning her own destination wedding at the Jersey shore. "Because the area gets crowded with tourists in the summer months, I knew that I had to give accommodation information early," said Jennifer. "I've always had a love and appreciation for book binding, so I thought, 'Why not make a small, fun save the date booklet with all the necessary information and accommodation information?'" Her idea has since inspired a stylish collection of wedding booklets, all custom designed for brides like herself.

As you can see, the wedding invitation and save the date booklets by Adori Designs are a stylish, yet practical solution to every destination bride's too-much-information-and-not-enough-paper conundrum. Jen's designs are absolutely stunning, don't you think?! I've included some of my favorites here, but you can definitely see more of Jen's work, learn more about pricing and such on her website.

Destination wedding invitation booklets
Destination wedding invitation booklets

Destination Wedding Invitation Booklets by Adori Designs

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