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Bridal Fitness on Paper - Outdoor Walking Course Monday, March 25, 2013 ~ 8:40 a.m.

Most of you have probably heard that we officially entered the spring season last week! Although whether it actually feels like spring is definitely up for debate. Here in Colorado, it seems to change from week to week. A couple of weeks ago, we had 60 and 70 degree temperatures, last week was more in the 50s, and now, we're in the 30s and 40s after a snow storm this past weekend.

As the temperatures begin to rise over the next month or two, I thought it might be nice to share an outdoor workout for this week's Bridal Fitness on Paper. This routine was pulled out of a previous issue of Shape magazine, and I liked it because it makes things a little more interesting than just straight walking for 40 minutes. Not only that, but changing things up minute to minute will help you burn more calories than consistently walking at the same pace. According to Shape, this routine will burn between 188 and 220 calories. Get to work, ladies!

Bridal Fitness on Paper - Outdoor Walking Course

Level of Difficulty: 3 out of 5 rings
Three diamond ring rating for bridal bootcamp exercise reviews
Equipment: Outdoor trail or treadmill
Time Commitment: 40 minutes

Outdoor walking course

Bridal Fitness on Paper is a weekly blog series posted every Monday, where I share and review a wide variety of cardio and resistance training workouts, both inside the gym and out. Bridal Fitness on Paper is meant to help guide brides along their weight loss journey all the way to the altar and beyond! All of the reviews posted are based on my own experience; I am not a fitness or nutrition professional, and am not liable for any injuries incurred while trying any of the workouts that I share here on A Paper Proposal. If you're curious about a specific workout, and you'd like for me to review it, please do leave a comment below or feel free to send me an email at Sarah - at - apaperproposal - dot - com.

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