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Guest Post: Details Matter, Too Monday, April 22, 2013 ~ 11:00 a.m.

Well, I'm nervous! Dale went back to work today, which means that today marks the first day that little Jack and I will be alone together. I'm a little scared that I'm in over my head, but me and Jack are going to figure it out together. We're going to work out a little system, and things are going to be fine :) I already made it through the night with him on my own, and things went pretty well. He cut me a little bit of a break and slept a couple of solid three hour stretches. I seem to be paying for it in spades this morning though, haha. It has taken me several tries to get this blog post up! So yeah...wish me luck!

While I'm busy with my little boy today, my friend, SoCal based photographer, Beatrice of RomaBea Images, is here to discuss the importance of all of the little details in creating your dream wedding with truly beautiful wedding photos. So take it away, Bea!

There are so many details to consider when planning your wedding, from large to small, but paying attention to detail can really make a huge difference in the overall aesthetic of your wedding.

Having a wedding/event coordinator can make the world of difference since he or she will be consulting with you about what you like and what you want the overall theme to be, including color scheme or a certain look, as in a rustic wedding, a retro wedding, a vintage wedding, on and on. They also have a number of vendors to refer to whom they've worked with before to help them pull it all beautifully together for you.

Wedding dessert display

What if you don't have the means or desire to hire a wedding/event coordinator? Well, if you're crafty or have friends that are crafty, this might be the perfect time to have some get-togethers for a brainstorming session (Pinterest and of course, wedding blogs offer a wealth of information and ideas for wedding DIY decor). Make it fun and keep it cohesive! If you want a certain color palette, keep everything within that to pull it together.

An easy area to target that can have a huge impact is the desert table. Use beautiful dishes, cake stands, and vases to make your sweets stand out! Borrow from friends, family or neighbors if you don't have it. Enlist a girlfriend with great handwriting to make some little place cards stating what each goody is, even if it's obvious! It will make for a really pretty display and the whole table will come together nicely, which leads me to the all important matter of Photography. Your photos of all those glorious details will be captured beautifully and you'll treasure them forever because, not only will those photos be the only tangible memory left of your Wedding day and all those amazing details, but they'll instantly bring back all the memories of how you and your bridesmaids, friends and family spent tireless hours drinking those cocktails, reminiscing about old times, and carefully crafting those beautiful details you all so lovingly put together.

Wedding sweets

As a wedding photographer, my focus is on your entire day, ranging from the dress to the shoes, both the bride and groom, the flowers and the cake, and every detail and moment in between. From my point of view, all the photos should come together to cohesively tell the story of your fabulous wedding down to the very last detail.

Wedding decor

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