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Guest Post: Wedding Favors by Sweet Sanity Monday, April 29, 2013 ~ 12:20 p.m.

Hi everyone! Kerry here from Sweet Sanity. So excited to be guest posting on A Paper Proposal today!

Wedding favor packaging

Today's topic ~ Containing Your Favors. Figuring out how to package up your favors can be overwhelming. At the same time, just like any gift, the packaging can add so much to the excitement of the one receiving it. The packaging also adds to your tables and decor by giving you opportunity to express your wedding colors and motif.

Many favors come pre-packaged, but if you are giving out something homemade, or breaking down items bought in bulk, most likely you will be the one left figuring out how to package it. SWEET SANITY TIP: Consider your containers while you are considering your favors! Some items might be tasty or pretty but once you get to the packaging phase their shape or size might cause major headaches! It really helps as you are getting ideas for favors to simultaneously think of packaging. Keep in mind how you might like the favors to look on the table helps as well. The container might even become part of the favor!

Now for the containers..three versatile options to keep in mind.

Wedding favors in cello bags

Some treats are just too pretty (or mouthwatering) to cover up. For those, clear cello bags work great. Cello bags will need to be secured shut, so this gives you a chance to incorporate more of your colors with a pretty ribbon, tag or sticker. TIP: Since cello bags do not have a lot of structure, if you plan to leave them for guests to take, have a large basket or another vessel in mind to keep them contained.

Wedding favors in glass jars

Whether for jams or jellies, honey or a little succulent, glass jars are a great vessel for so many favors. They are sturdy and useful for perishables. They come in all shapes and sizes, too. TIP: The uniformity of how they look all lined up cannot be beat, so for the organized-obsessed they are wonderful lined up on tables or trays!

Wedding favors in chinese takeout containers

Take Out Boxes are my last favorite for today. They are super versatile and typically come in a large and small sizes to accommodate your goodies. Frosted take out boxes are a nice choice if you want to show a bit of your treats inside. But they also come in so many fun patterns and colors ~ another spot where you can give your wedding a punch of color! TIP: They look really sweet tied with bakers twine!

{All label designs shown here were from Sweet Sanity Designs}
Photo Credit { Sweet Sanity Designs,,,}

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1 Comment

Bellenza Wedding Bistro (L.A.)

Apr 30, 2013 3:10 PM

Such great tips (and darling labels) from Kerry!