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Ensure Your Wedding is a Success with Markel Wedding Insurance Monday, June 24, 2013 ~ 10:30 a.m.

There is so much to think about when planning your wedding, from finding the perfect wedding photographer and venue, to selecting the flowers and buying the wedding favors. With so much planning, so many details and so much money put into your wedding, protecting your investment seems only logical. Just as you would protect your new car from liability and damage, you may be surprised to hear that you can actually insure your wedding! Markel Wedding Insurance offers a variety of cost effective options to help you protect your wedding from unforeseen circumstances (for as little as $75!).

With such a big day ahead of you, you can cross your fingers and hope for the best, or you can actually protect your investment. Markel offers Wedding Cancellation Coverage, which reimburses you for any non-refundable deposits you've made if you have to cancel or postpone your wedding due to extreme weather, accident, illness, military deployment and even vendor bankruptcy. The policy doesn't just cover you if your wedding doesn't take place, either. It will also protect you if you happen to lose your wedding rings, find damage to your wedding dress or other attire, experience vendor no-shows, as well as lost or damaged photography, videography and wedding gifts. Markel's Wedding Liability Insurance will also protect you and your groom from financial loss if you're liable for an accident that occurs at or after your wedding to any of your wedding guests. Many venues are requiring their clients to purchase event liability insurance, so make a note to check with your venue to see if you do, in fact, need this coverage.

Markel wedding insurance

More often than not, a wedding is the first big investment a couple makes at the start of their new life together. Imagine getting a refund if your venue goes bankrupt a month before your wedding date, or getting a second chance at your dream wedding if you have to cancel because your fiance gets deployed or there's a serious illness in the family. That kind of peace of mind is priceless; especially when you're already investing thousands and thousands of dollars into just one day. Markel Wedding Insurance policies start at just $75 depending on your type of coverage, wedding location and overall budget. Visit Markel Wedding Insurance to learn more today!

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