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Five Reasons to Say No to the Dress Wednesday, July 15, 2015 ~ 1:15 p.m.

Well, for any of you that regularly follow my blog, you probably know that I haven't been posting on Wednesdays for a while now. I used to blog every day, but I decided to cut back to twice a week after I had my son, Jack. I also kept busy writing for; check it out in case you are on the hunt for more helpful wedding content! I recently decided to try committing more of my time to blogging again, so here I am on a Wednesday!

A lot of the thinking behind my decision is for practical reasons, but I have also found myself a little more inspired by weddings recently because my little brother is recently engaged! Watching his and his fiance's excitement in wedding planning definitely makes me want to write about weddings even more, when I have been all wrapped up in pregnancy and babies for the past few years. Anyway, she is going to be dress shopping very soon, which inspired me to write this article on when to say a big fat "NO" to the wedding dress!

Five reasons to say no to the dress

Five Reasons to Say NO to the Dress

For the typical bride, shopping for the dream wedding dress can be both a joyful and stressful experience. The pressure to find the wedding gown of her lifetime can be overwhelming, as she waits for that special "Aha!" moment when she slips on the perfect dress. While it may be easy to say, "Yes!" to the dress, there are some warning signs signaling that you should say, "No" and keep shopping.

  1. Too pricey! If a wedding dress is priced outside of your budget, you should avoid even trying it on, let alone consider purchasing it. It can be easy for her to fall in love with expensive gowns with dreams of their walk down the aisle. However, it's important to remember that the wedding dress will be worn for one day, and depending on its price, you could spend the first years of your new married life paying for it.

  2. You Feel Pressured to Buy. Many bridal consultants work on commission, and naturally, it's their job to want to try to sell you a wedding dress. These consultants can be amazing resources and provide a lot of support for brides. However, some can be overly aggressive and forget the needs of the shopping bride. Should you find yourself feeling guilty because you're unsure or need more time to consider your options, it may be time to call it quits and try another bridal salon on another day.

  3. You want to change everything about it. A picky bride may select a wedding dress, then instantly begin looking for faults and potential alterations. However, there comes a time when there are far too many alterations necessary, and the original dress design becomes lost.

  4. You can't move. The saying, "Beauty is pain," can certainly be true, but no one wants to be in pain or uncomfortable on your wedding day! If you get tired just wearing it in the dressing room, you can be sure that you'll be exhausted by the time the ceremony is over. Consider the sheer weight of the dress, any potential snags from the beading or jewels and rubbing near the arms and chest.

  5. Everyone loves it more than you do. It's common for the bride to bring along some friends and family members to share their opinions while wedding dress shopping. Oftentimes, the friends and family can fall in love with a gown that you are not nearly as excited about. If you feel like you need convincing, it's a sure-fire sign that it is not the right wedding dress for her.

Image by Vicki Bartel Photography via Bridal Musings.

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