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Thoughtful Ways to Honor the Mother of the Bride Wednesday, July 29, 2015 ~ 1:45 p.m.

On the bride's big day, there is no more important woman present than her momma! While so much focus is deservedly placed on the bride on her big day, here are a few thoughtful ways she can make her mother feel extra special.

Mother of the bride

Thoughtful Ways to Honor the Mother of the Bride

  • Shop for her dress
    Just as the bride wants to feel special walking down the aisle, so does the mother of the bride. Brides should be sure to go shopping with their moms to find the perfect dress that makes her feel special, beautiful and comfortable on the wedding day.

  • Something borrowed
    According to tradition, the bride should walk down the aisle carrying her something old, something new, something borrowed and something new. A bride's "Something borrowed" could easily come from her mother, whether it's a piece of jewelry, her veil or a piece of her wedding dress.

  • Use her wedding dress
    Many moms save their wedding dresses in hopes that someday, their daughters will want to wear or somehow incorporate them into their weddings many years later. When the big day arrives, there is no better way to honor mom than by using her dress. If the bride does not want to wear her mom's gown, she may also consider using pieces from the dress or veil. Some ideas include wrapping a piece of lace around the bouquet, or even sewing a swatch into the new dress.

  • Pamper her
    When the big day arrives, the mother of the bride should be pampered right alongside her daughter. Hire professionals to treat mom to hair, makeup, a manicure and pedicure, and then have a driver to take her to and from the wedding so she has no worries that day.

  • Mother daughter time
    The wedding can be a very busy and stressful day for the bride, but she should absolutely set aside time to spend alone with her mother. A great time would be after the bridal party has finished getting ready, and before the ceremony. This could be a great time to give the mother of the bride a gift, as well.

  • Write her a note
    Another special way for the bride to make her mother feel special is to write her a note to be printed in the ceremony program. The bride's letter should express her appreciation and love for her mom's support on her big day.

  • Walk down the aisle with her
    Many brides are bucking tradition these days and choosing to walk down the aisle with whomever they want. The bride may choose to walk down the aisle with her mom, her mom and dad, or her mom and sibling.

  • Give a thoughtful gift
    The mother of the bride should always receive a gift from her daughter on the big day. This may be an embroidered handkerchief, a piece of jewelry, or a framed photo. I love these little jewelry dishes as a gift, as well!

  • Incorporate her favorites
    Incorporating personal details into the wedding is a great way for the bride and groom to express love and support to those they love. For instance, the bride should consider sharing her mom's favorite recipe or serving one of her favorite foods or treats at the reception.

  • Generation photos
    The bride should plan on taking a generation photo on the wedding day, which features the bride, her mom and grandmother all together. The mother of the bride is sure to appreciate the image for years after the big day. Additionally, many couples are choosing to display their parents and grandparents wedding photos at the wedding.

Image by Katelyn James.

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