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about a paper proposal inspired weddings, wedding blog

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about a paper proposal inspired weddings, wedding blog

A Paper Proposal | Inspired Weddings was launched by me, Sarah, in November 2010 in order to help brides capture every moment of pre-marital bliss on paper; from the romantic proposal, to the unforgettable moment of "I do". In addition to blogging, I also offer a variety of custom stationery design services for weddings, including my increasingly popular wedding brochures. You can learn more about my wedding stationery design services here.

Author of A Paper Proposal wedding blog

While it seemed as though most girls my age began dreaming of their wedding day as soon as they could dress up their Barbie dolls, I had always resisted the temptation. I had been with my fiance, Dale, for several years prior to our engagement, but had never allowed myself to even flip through a bridal magazine, visit a wedding blog or "envision" anything about my own day, out of fear of spoiling it for myself. You (hopefully) only get married once, right? I wanted it all to be new and exciting!

When my boyfriend (now husband) did drop down on one knee, I quickly made up for lost time and immersed myself in a sea of wedding gowns, potential wedding dates and venues. Once I allowed myself to indulge in the wedding planning process, I couldn't be stopped! If possible, I became even more eager to learn about what my fellow brides were planning for their weddings, rather than focusing solely on what I had in store for my own big day. All facets of the occasion began to intrigue me, but I soon found myself going back to one thing over and over again for inspiration - paper. For me, wedding stationery and pretty paper details are where a bride's dreams and ideas become tangible, her wedding colors collide and eventually, where her memories of the day will last forever.

I am completely fascinated and constantly surprised by the level of creativity and pure imagination exercised by brides and wedding professionals on a daily basis. A Paper Proposal celebrates that passion and creativity. I also like to think that the weddings, ideas and suggestions that I feature on A Paper Proposal | Inspired Weddings are an accurate reflection of my own personal style. I'm partial to classic, elegant wedding details, and at the end of the day, I will always choose white over lime green, roses over succulents and pearls over baubles. I love documenting new trends, but I'm a firm believer that no bride should sacrifice her personal style in order to keep up with the Jones'. A Paper Proposal shows brides how they may incorporate new ideas and trends into their wedding paper, decor and fashion while maintaining an overall look that is classic, elegant and, most of all, timeless.

My husband and I were married on the beach in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico on February 5, 2011. I am originally from California, and now live with my husband and two cats in Colorado. I love animals, chocolate chip cookies, wine, Pilates, rainy days and all things nautical. I would also love to write a book someday!

I hope you enjoy your journey into wedding planning as much as I did! Thank you for visiting!

Features and other news

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