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Tag: 'DIY'
Signature Cocktail for Weddings and Parties Thursday, January 15, 2015 ~ 12:45 p.m.

Today, I'm sharing something a little bit different with you guys - a signature cocktail! More and more couples are choosing to serve signature cocktails at their engagement parties and wedding receptions as a fun, personalized offering that will also help save money on that often-hefty bar tab. This cocktail, developed by the Brooklyn-based mixology team of Signature Sips, is especially great for a fall or winter wedding or event.

"Our mixology team named this cocktail, 'Marry Me,' something timely and oh-so-cute for your celebration with family and friends," said Ashley of Signature Sips. "One of the fun parts about making your own drink is that you can make it personal -- and what better time than at YOUR engagement party? Get creative with it! You can name this drink your soon-to-be last name, [after] a tradition you and your fiance both share, the street where you got engaged -- the possibilities are endless!"

Marry Me Wedding Signature Cocktail

"Marry Me" Signature Cocktail Recipe

1 medium/large ginger root (adjust to spicy level desired)
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup pure cranberry juice
2 tbsp fresh cranberries

Wash and chop ginger. Put ginger and tablespoon of fresh cranberries in saucepan and pour 2 cups of boiling water over. Cover and let steep for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, remove ginger and craberries, and stir in sugar and let dissolve. Mix with cranberry juice. Add equal parts to water, soda or your favorite spirit*, such as vodka. You can also add a splash of beer for a fun holiday shandy. To garnish, take a medium-length skewer or toothpick and pinch 1-3 cranberries on. This can also double as a stirrer.

Marry Me Wedding Signature Cocktail Marry Me Wedding Signature Cocktail

Signature Sips offers great advice on how to serve this yummy signature drink! If you're having a big party and are hiring bartenders, you can make as much of the mix as you need and keep your chosen alcoholic spirit at the bar. If you're having more of an intimate gathering, there are plenty of serving options. One way would be to set up a bar station with festive florals and colored straws, maybe even a quaint chalk or white board with the name of the drink and ingredients listed. At your bar station, serve the mixture in a punch bowl or a pitcher. Include a large serving spoon and let your guests pour their own alcohol. For glassware, think jars, clear plastic cups or something different like champagne flutes or even wine glasses to visually mix it up and make it eclectic.

Marry Me Signature Cocktail created by Signature Sips with images by Blue Spark Photography

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