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Intimate Beach Vow Renewal in Costa Rica Tuesday, March 21, 2017 ~ 8:00 a.m.

"Moraya and I met 5 years ago in the sweet little town of Montezuma, Costa Rica. I was visiting for the month to do a yoga teacher training and Moraya had grown up in the area. We were introduced by a mutual friend from the yoga training and instantly connected, spending every day together after that. As my time came to an end in Montezuma, we agreed to stay in touch and continued traveling back and forth to see each other."

"A year after we met, Moraya proposed on a secluded beach in Montezuma, where we had our first date. We had a big wedding at his family's hotel, Ylang Yland Beach Resort with a group of family and friends from the states and Costa Rica. Moraya and I now live in Montezuma and have taken over running the operations of Ylang Ylang Beach Resort. Two years later, we decided to do a vow renewal as a special gift to each other. We celebrated our love for each other with a simple ceremony on the beach in front of Ylang Ylang and a romantic beach dinner with a bonfire."

The beautiful renewal on the beach in Costa Rica was all captured by photographer, Willa Kveta, who also has a special connection to the country. "It's a magical place with rain soaked, soggy paths along the edge of the beaches, lightning bugs twinkling all around at twilight, rivers and waterfalls, miles of endless beaches of all different colors, textures and sizes. Warm days and warm nights. It's a place where people are mindful and one with nature. It's my favorite place on this earth, so when I got the opportunity to photograph Emma and Moraya there, I was overjoyed."

Intimate Vow Renewal on Beach in Costa Rica Intimate Vow Renewal on Beach in Costa Rica Intimate Vow Renewal on Beach in Costa Rica Intimate Vow Renewal on Beach in Costa Rica

Intimate Beach Vow Renewal in Costa Rica - Vendors & Credits

Photographer: Willa Kveta Photography
Venue: Ylang Yland Beach Resort, Montezuma Costa Rica

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